Santa Claus makes an early appearance in Somerset

140 people dressed as Santa braved freezing temperatures for a mass scuba dive. Credit: ITV News

Now, it's a week to go until Christmas Eve but Santa made an early visit to Somerset today.

In fact, 140 people dressed as the man himself braved freezing temperatures for a mass scuba dive in Vobster near Radstock.

It's the 10th year the event has taken place with all the money raised going to charity.

We definitely want to make sure that it doesn't make diving dangerous at all, so as long as we make sure that the dry suit controls are exposed, you can go up, come down, do anything you would normally do, then its actually no problem at all.

I think divers really like to put things back into the diving community. We rely on the RNLI and the air ambulance for emergency situations and rescue and I think it's an excellent end to the diving year.

– Tim Clements, Vobster Quay Diving Centre