ITV Weather forecast for South West England

Here's the latest weather forecast for the West Country with Kate Haskell

A few showers this afternoon, possibly thundery, mainly across Devon, Cornwall and the Scillies. Staying rather windy too, but feeling warm. Becoming increasingly cloudy through the evening with a further risk of thundery showers. Warm and humid overnight but winds will ease. Temperatures down to around 13 °C.

Cloudy and warm on Saturday with showers, possibly thundery across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in the afternoon; a warning is in place for this. Turning drier through the afternoon further west, and generally feeling warm with light winds and even higher temperatures of up to 29 °C.

Further thundery showers are expected on Sunday and Monday, but Tuesday currently looks pretty dry. Temperatures will stay well above average by day and at night, maintaining that humid feel.