Afghanistan troops withdrawn as mum of fallen soldier says 'it wasn't worth it'

President Joe Biden says he will withdraw remaining US troops from Afghanistan, declaring that the September 11 attacks “cannot explain” why American forces should still be there 20 years after the deadliest terror assault on the United States.

Covid: UK at 'significant risk' of summer wave, top scientist warns

The UK is at 'significant risk' of a third wave this summer as restrictions begin to ease, an expert advising the government has warned.

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Revealed: The scale of sexual harassment and assault at the UK's universities

One student told ITV News how an assault hit her work, social life and mental health. But it took years for her university to take action against her abuser.

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Covid's 'deadliest place on Earth' where one in 300 people killed by coronavirus

Research suggests that at its height back in December, the illness killed one in 300 people here and 40% of those tested had Covid.