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Hatton Garden

The ‘most spectacular’ British crime of the decade has been dramatised by acclaimed BAFTA winning screenwriter Jeff Pope.


Hatton Garden depicts the audacious jewellery, gold and cash burglary at the heart of London’s diamond district executed by an elderly gang of career criminals across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in April 2015.


Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award winner Timothy Spall OBE, Olivier award-winning actor Kenneth Cranham and BAFTA winner Brían F. O’Byrne play leading roles. Fellow distinguished actors David Hayman, Alex Norton, Geoff Bell join them to play the men responsible for the daring raid. Ian Puleston-Davies and Nasser Memarzia also star.


The 4 x 60-minute drama tells the story of how the men pulled off the heist which was considered in a class of its own in terms of scale and ambition, and the extraordinary level of planning, preparation and organisation required to penetrate the vault of the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company. 


Co-written with Terry Winsor (Hot Money, Danielle Cable: Eyewitness, Essex Boys), and directed by Paul Whittington (Little Boy Blue, The Moorside, Cilla, Mrs Biggs), Hatton Garden shows how the gang meticulously planned the raid, the tensions amongst the group, the loss of livelihoods suffered by the box holders and the complex police operation that captured the gang.