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Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure

Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure


Starts Tuesday 2 July at 9pm on ITV


Series overview


“This trip has been the most extraordinary time of my life.”


“This jungle is beyond my wildest dreams. Around every corner there’s always an extraordinary creature.” Dame Judi Dench


In this brand new documentary series for ITV, national treasure Dame Judi Dench embarks on a wild adventure to Borneo to explore one of the oldest and most spectacular rainforests, meet its enchanting animals and get a vivid insight into the importance of this rainforest to life on our planet. 


Judi reveals her passion for both orangutans and their habitat as she delves deep into one of the few untouched rainforests remaining in South East Asia. 


Featuring stunning footage, the series brings to life this incredible rainforest which has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet and the tallest tropical trees in the world. The tallest was recently discovered to be over 100 metres tall and the series sees Judi climbing one. 


During her adventure in Borneo, the world’s third largest island, Judi experiences amazing interactions with animals including orangutans, sun bears, elephants, crocodiles and hornbills.


She glimpses stunning flying creatures like the unusual gliding mammal, the Kubong, that can fly for over 100 metres. She also sees more than a million bats, a dung beetle called Bob and a snake she names James Bond.


Dame Judi is astonished when the jungle comes alive at night.  With as many as 80,000 species, the insects in Borneo could make up nearly one tenth of the number on the planet


As she travels down one of Borneo’s mightiest rivers, the Kinabatangan, Dame Judi goes on an extraordinary crocodile hunt where young crocodiles are plucked from the river by hand and adult crocodiles wrestled - all in the name of science.


And finally she explores the wonderful marine life – the forests of coral that fringe the shores of the tropical island.


As she shares her magical wildlife adventure with her chap, naturalist David Mills, they learn how important the rainforest is as the lungs of the world and how the animals are actually helping us by maintaining the health of this unique environment and helping save the planet.