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Love Island ITV2 Winter 2020


Love Island ITV2 Winter 2020


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Main series overview

It’s time to say ‘Do one, winter’ because the hotly anticipated series, Love Island, returns to ITV2 in January - and this time it’s in scorching South Africa. 

Kicking off on Sunday 12th January at 9pm on ITV2, it’s time to cancel those rainy-day plans as another sizzling line-up of singles head to the brand new luxury villa in Cape Town.  

As they flirt, date, break up and make up our Islanders will be trying to capture the hearts of each other - and the nation - as the viewers decide the final couple and declare them the Love Island series 6 winners.

So whose heads will be turned? Who will be dumped from the Island? And who will couple up and be in with a chance of winning a share of the £50k prize money?

Love Island: Aftersun

Love Island: Aftersun returns for a brand new series, in it’s new-look winter slot this January 2020.  Hosted by Laura Whitmore, Aftersun will air live from London on ITV2 on Monday nights at 10pm.  As well as catching up with the recently dumped Islanders, Laura will chat to a panel of celebrity guests about all the goings on in the sizzling South African villa.  And as love-seeking Islanders couple up, break up and make up in Cape Town, Laura will share unseen footage, dish on breaking villa news and get all the inside information from the couples’ friends and family. 


2020 Winter Love Islanders:

Leanne Amaning
Siânnise Fudge
Eve Gale - left the villa 17 January​
Jess Gale
Shaughna Phillips
Sophie Piper
Paige Turley
Rebecca Gormley

Mike Boateng
Connor Durman
Callum Jones
Nas Majeed
Ollie Williams - left the villa 15 January​
Connagh Howard - left the villa 24 January​
Finley Tapp
Luke Trotman
Luke Mabbott


Main press pack with series details, Islander profiles, Q&As and more...


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ITV2 transmission details

Week 03 transmission times

Ep01 - Sunday 12 January: 9pm - 10.35pm
Ep02 - Monday 13 January: 9pm - 10pm
[-----] - followed by Love Island: Aftersun 10pm - 11.05pm
Ep03 - Tuesday 14 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep04 - Wednesday 15 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep05 - Thursday 16 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep06 - Friday 17 January: 9pm - 10.05pm

Week 04 transmission times

[-----] - Saturday 18 January: 9pm - 10.05pm - Love Island: Unseen Bits
Ep07 - Sunday 19 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep08 - Monday 20 January: 9pm - 10pm
[-----] - Monday 20 January: 10pm - 11.05pm -Love Island: Aftersun
Ep09 - Tuesday 21 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep10 - Wednesday 22 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep11 - Thursday 23 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep12 - Friday 24 January: 9pm - 10.05pm

Week 05 transmission times

[-----] - Saturday 25 January: 9pm - 10.05pm - Love Island: Unseen Bits
Ep13 - Sunday 26 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep14 - Monday 27 January: 9pm - 10pm
[-----] - Monday 27 January: 10pm - 11.05pm -Love Island: Aftersun
Ep15 - Tuesday 28 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep16 - Wednesday 29 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep17 - Thursday 30 January: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep18 - Friday 31 January: 9pm - 10.05pm

Week 06 transmission times

[-----] - Saturday 1 February: 9pm - 10.05pm - Love Island: Unseen Bits
Ep19 - Sunday 2 February: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep20 - Monday 3 February: 9pm - 10pm
[-----] - Monday 3 February: 10pm - 11.05pm -Love Island: Aftersun
Ep21 - Tuesday 4 February: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep22 - Wednesday 5 February: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep23 - Thursday 6 February: 9pm - 10.05pm
Ep24 - Friday 7 February: 9pm - 10.05pm

Week 07 transmission times