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    Sat 12 Mar 2016
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    Week 11 2016 : Sat 12 Mar - Fri 18 Mar
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    Fri 04 Mar 2016
GILLIAN ANDERSON speaks about doing more episodes of The X Files and her fight for equal pay - she says she was offered half the amount of David Duchovny last year. She also blasts surgery rumours and speaks about helping to turn Jamie Dornan into a star 
GLENN CLOSE speaks about her role in Fatal Attraction and how men are still scared of her now
DAVID BADDIEL speaks about losing his parents and how it’s inspired him for a new stand up show
MARLON WAYANS considers a sequel to one of his most famous films, White Chicks
Plus a performance from Carrie Underwood
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by star of the stage and screen, Gillian Anderson; Hollywood actress, Glenn Close; Comedian and writer, David Baddiel and US actor, comedian, writer and producer, Marlon Wayans.
Star of hits such as The X Files and The Fall, Gillian Anderson joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about the science fiction drama, doing more series and being offered half as much money as her co-stars. She also slammed surgery rumours.
Speaking about why she agreed to be a part of the return of The X Files, Gillian said: “They had never talked about it being a series, which we would have said no to. We were trying to get it done as a third film, which they also kept saying no to. It was kind of timing and it was also the fact that we could only do six rather than 22.”
On continuing to do more, Gillian revealed she wouldn’t rule it out: “They haven’t come to us. I don’t know, it is again all about schedule… It’s about whether it matches up. If it matched up and a few other things were in place - You know, we’re not getting any younger… All the boxes need to be ticked. You know what I mean,” she laughed.
On the tension between her and co-star, David Duchovny, Gillian said there was tension “for a long time”: “We’ve always gotten along and we’ve been decent friends but we were down each other’s throat for so long… We were always together.”
Joking that they fell out about her hair, Gillian laughed: “It’s so stupid. I can’t talk about this without just laughing and laughing, it’s just so silly. It takes women a lot longer than it takes men because, it’s very damp in Vancouver and so my hair gets frizzy so we shoot in the rain all the time and then I’m a drowned rat and then we have to wait around for them to blowdry it and everything and so there’s a lot of waiting because of me. It didn’t encourage our [friendship] but I got it, I understood… We were too much together but we’re incredibly friendly now.”
Gillian spoke about celebrating International Women’s Day and also about equal pay.
Speaking about her own experiences of being paid less than male co-stars - including being offered half the amount David Duchovny was as recently as the relaunch of The X Files - Gillian said: “I knew that from the beginning and there was a reason why [David Duchovny was being paid more than me] because I was starting from nothing and he had just done a big film but there was a certain point where we were doing the same amount of work and it was time to renegotiate. And I did.”
She continued: “We got the phone call with what the offer is, we knew what David’s offer was this time around and it was twice as much as my offer was. Which is stupid really because I’m going to find out and worked really hard for parity back then and was kind of shocked.”
“So even now, you mean the relaunch?” Jonathan asked.
“Last year. Yes. I don’t know it was silly. So it’s always been that David’s team does the negotiating and then I just say, [I want what he’s having] basically.”
Fellow guest, Glenn Close, agreed: “I would want definitely to be equal pay and I would fight for that.”
Gillian spoke about playing icy characters and the perception people have of her: “People often comment in interviews about the fact that I laugh and I can crack a joke. I do play pretty serious characters but I also think because of the attention that The X Files got for such a long time, I was in a state of fear for a very, very long time... When you’re followed by paparazzi and everything you do is under scrutiny, anytime I sat in front of an interviewer I think I was quite serious and paranoid and cold. I feel like I’ve only really learned how to do this and have fun and not be terrified in the last five or six years.”
Slamming plastic surgery rumours that were reported recently, Gillian said laughing: “I don’t really give a f*** because I know it’s not true. But the fact is, it shaming. Let’s say that I had decided to, that’s my choice.”
When fellow guest commented that her male co-star David Duchovny wouldn’t have to put up with an article analysing his face for plastic surgery, Gillian joked, “Of course his whole face has been done!” she laughed.
Speaking about her role in The Fall, Gillian explained how she came to work with Jamie Dornan: “I was involved in the casting on that and we looked at a lot of actors and there were some fantastic auditions and Jamie’s just was very, very clear that he really stood out and I fought very hard for him to get the role.”
On her son’s enjoyment of her work, including The X Files, Gillian said they were terrified and now bored of people talking about it: “My sons are seven and nine and I made the mistake of showing them the mildest episode ever and they had nightmares for weeks and I mean they’ve seen everything, they’ve seen Wolverine recently and they saw this chubby pizza delivery guy with the green eyes flying like a squirrel across the bed and everytime I bring up The X Files they roll their eyes… They’ll find it in their own time, or not maybe they’ll hate it.”
Glenn Close, who is widely regarded as one of the finest actresses of our generation, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about Fatal Attraction and treading the boards in new play, Sunset Boulevard.
Speaking to Jonathan about one of her most famous roles in Fatal Attraction, Glenn spoke about the violent scenes she had to act. On one which famously took place in the kitchen, Glenn said: “Michael had his hands around my throat and got quite enthusiastic, that was a little scary… I was pushed up against the mirror in the bathroom and knocked my head against it and got a concussion… It just was kind of a little bit of dizziness for a minute. I don’t even think they probably yelled cut!... The reshoot, all of that stuff in the bathroom and all that, I didn’t know at the time that I was pregnant.”
Speaking about her character, Alex, who some say was demonised in movie, Glenn admits that men still tell they are scared of her: “I was very empathetic to her, she was a woman who was very much out of control and troubled and the original ending she committed suicide which that is probably how a character like that would have ended so I was amazed. I think first of all the feminists came against her because they said I was demonising single working women and I said, ‘Well I’m not playing every single working woman’ but no it was quite shocking to me… And men still come up to me and say how frightened they are.”
On working with Robin Williams in her first movie, The World According to Garp, Glenn said: “It was amazing, he was absolutely phenomenal… It was one of the great experiences of my career and we stayed friends from that moment on.”
Glenn - who has returned to the stage in new play, Sunset Boulevard, spoke about an awkward moment on the stage recently with her character’s pet monkey: “When you do theatre, things happen and you have to deal with them in real time! It was in Los Angeles and we had the most magnificent set, the whole huge ornate fabulous living room of Norma came down and I looked out and you come down this staircase and the first thing I do is sing to this monkey and there was no monkey. [It was] backstage with the prop man. You just have to keep on singing it and then he was eventually carried on but I’m sure everybody had no clue what was going on.”
Comedian, writer and presenter, David Baddiel, joined the sofa and spoke about his new stand up show, My Family: Not The Sitcom and how it was inspired by his mother’s death and his father’s dementia.
Speaking about death and dementia and how he has lost his parents, David said he found it important to remember them for their weird and wonderful quirks and to have fond and funny memories: “I think I have to work with what happens to me because I am a confessional truth telling comedian, this is what’s happening to me as I get older and I also think, these things are going to happen to all of us aren’t they so we might as well make fun of these bullies as they take us down, that’s what I think.”
Glenn Close - who was sat alongside David - added, “My sister has come out really as living with Bipolar disorder and her son has schizoaffective disorder which is basically schizophrenia with elements of bipolar and we decided as a family that the best thing we could do was to talk about it, to talk openly about it because it affects so many people. It’s OK to laugh and ultimately to make it as easy to talk about as now has become cancer or diabetes - as horrible as those diseases are - because it is just another form of a chronic illness.”
US actor, comedian, writer and producer, Marlon Wayans, who has appeared in films such as Littleman and Scary Movie joined the sofa and spoke about a possible sequel for one of his most famous films, White Chicks.
Not ruling out a sequel, Marlon said: “I wouldn’t love to, it’s six hours a day in makeup then we work 14 hours of filming because we produce the movie so we literally slept three hours a day for 60 days. It’s tough so maybe we’ll do a sequel, it’s ripe and there’s a lot. All we’ve got to do is look at pop culture right now. All you’ve got to do is watch the Kardashian family and I’ve got a sequel… They would be the villains,” he laughed.
The star also spoke about his huge family and 10 brothers and sisters: “We’re not even a family anymore, we’re considered a population… [Growing up it was] crowded. We had to rent out a stadium to have Thanksgiving. I just want my sisters to stop reproducing… At this point I have 45 nephews and nieces, I’m too young for this. You’re making me feel old. We have so many kids in my family, my father has stretchmarks,” he joked.