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    Sat 28 Mar 2015
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    Week 14 2015 : Sat 28 Mar - Fri 03 Apr
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OLLY MURS opens up about his estranged brother and shares his thoughts on Zayn Malik. He also performs his new single and a special version of Mr Boombastic with Jonathan!
RUSSELL BRAND speaks about Jeremy Clarkson and says he loved Top Gear
KEANU REEVES talks about a third Bill & Ted movie and Jonathan jokes the star could be the next Top Gear host
LUCY BEAUMONT speaks about her impending wedding to John Richardson and teaches Keanu ‘how to speak Hull’
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan speaks to pop star, Olly Murs; comedian and activist, Russell Brand; Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves and stand up comedian, Lucy Beaumont.
Singer, Olly Murs, joined the sofa and spoke about his fellow X Factor alumni, One Direction.
Speaking to Jonathan Ross about Zayn Malik’s recent departure from the band, Olly shared his thoughts: “I was just as shocked as everyone when I heard about it but he made the decision for himself and the show must go on. I’m sure they’re going to be fine without him.”
Olly - who also found fame off the back of the show and at a young age - said: “For me, I’ve always said in this job with anything you do you’ve got to be happy, that’s the most important thing. So if he isn’t happy and he’s made that decision then fine. I would only want to do this job if I’m happy and I am, I’m not retiring yet!”
Olly opened up about his estranged brother and the pair’s falling out: “It was ages ago, it was in 2009, it was while I was on The X Factor, it was just a family thing… Unfortunately I couldn’t make his wedding so we had a bit of a falling out… It’s still the same, it is sad because he is part of the family, he’s my brother, he’s my twin… [It’s sad] more so for my mum and dad, technically they’ve lost a son in a way because he’s fallen out with the whole family… It was something between me and my brother but I’m more upset for my parents.”
When Jonathan asks if Olly thinks the pair will ever reconcile, Olly said he’d “100%” like to and said they have spoken a bit over the years since they fell out: “Bits and bobs over the years but more in the papers more than we’ve spoken actually in real life!... He’s my brother no matter what happens you always have a love for family. I’m hoping in the future, we’ll sort it out at some point.”
Jonathan - who joked that the singer was engaged before Olly set the record straight that he hasn’t got a fiance yet - asked if Olly would invite his brother to his own wedding. “He might not come but yeah, maybe,” he started, before laughing “but I’m not getting married, stop marrying me off!”
Olly also spoke about his girlfriend of several years: “It’s going great, it’s good, really good. She’s not looking forward to me going on tour because we’re obviously on tour now for the next couple of months. She’ll come to a few of the shows yeah, but it’s all about the fans!”
Speaking about his fans, Olly joked his girlfriend does sometimes get worried when he is getting in shape for the fans: “She’s been getting a bit freaked out because I’ve been hitting the gym a lot because I’ve been trying to get fit [for the tour] and obviously for the last year or two I haven’t been trying to get fit and she’s like ‘why you getting so fit for?’... She understands it’s my job.”
Olly admitted he had written a few songs about her on his album and joked about a track called Why Do I Love You: “Obviously I came home and I played it to my girlfriend and said ‘what do you think?’ and she said, ‘yeah it’s a good song but is it written about us?’”
Olly spoke about celebrating his 30th birthday with the lads when he took them away for five nights to five different cities.
“We ended up going to some karaoke bar in the middle of Denmark and tore the place apart. We just went in and very quietly a couple of people in there singing a few songs and then typically my mates being my mates decided to get up and sing Heart Skips a Beat and some of my own songs which was really embarrassing!” 
Olly clarified that he didn’t sing his own songs in karaoke but instead performed a rendition of his staple karaoke song, Shaggy’s Mr Boombastic with Jonathan joining in with the dancing! [Pictures available from REX]
Comedian and activist, Russell Brand, joined the show and shared his thoughts on the recent Jeremy Clarkson controversy.
He started: “Some people would say Jeremy Clarkson, he represents to us an unreconstructed male - at a time when people go ‘ah political correctness has gone mad, you can’t say anything, you can’t do anything’ - well Jeremy Clarkson, he gets out there and says it. Now I’ve seen those TV shows, that Top Gear and all that stuff, really good telly, he’s really good at that and I met him and I’ve seen him as a human being. He’s got a glistening light in his eye, he was very lovely but he said a lot of things in the past that I think were a bit rude.”
Jonathan said, “So what you’re saying is, he did overstep, clearly, a boundary?” 
Russell replied, “Like we did yes. I’m not judging him because who am I to judge anyone but the BBC is in a pretty unique situation because it’s funded by the public, I suppose there are certain standards and if a normal bod smacked someone in the mouth at work you’d get [at the] very least a tribunal... I love the shows but there are other considerations I suppose.”
He added: “He can go anywhere in the world and talk about cars, people love the cars, he’s an individualistic man, it’s an individualistic product.”
On being voted the fourth greatest political thinker in the world by a magazine, Russell joked: “I’m believing in my own hype, I’m thinking some pretty important thoughts right now… Who cares? It doesn’t mean nothing, they just put me in to flog that magazine!”
Jonathan asked, “You had things that filled holes in your life, you were an addictive person… are you filling your life with this [politics and campaigning] in a way that might not be healthy for you?” With Russell replying, “I’m doing it for the love of my fellow man!”
A-lister, Keanu Reeves, joined the sofa and spoke about taking road trips when he was younger and starting out in the business: “I left home when I was 17, 18, dropped out of high school, was working as an actor and other part time jobs and eventually I got in the car and drove from Toronto and Los Angeles… We had a little road trip. It was the first car I ever had, it was a 1969 122 Volvo British racing green and it’s nickname was ‘Dumpy’ it had bricks under the chairs and holes in the floor. I had 6’ by 9’ speakers with long wires and I could put them on the roof and we would go to places and we would turn the music on and just go!”
After speaking about his car finally breaking down on one of the trips, Jonathan joked: “I think we’ve just found the new host of Top Gear ladies and gentleman! I think he’s got petrol instead of blood!”
Keanu spoke about one of his most famous films, Speed, and admitted he thought the plot was rather strange, despite it catapulting him to fame: “I thought it was so utterly completely ridiculous and I loved that guy, I loved Jack Traven and he wanted to be a hero, he was a guy, a cop who wanted to save the day and I liked that about him… It’s insane!”
On a third Bill & Ted movie, Keanu said there are plans: “Yes, they want to do that, the writers wrote a script which is a really cool idea and Alex Winter and I - Alex played Bill, I played Ted - so we’re trying to get it made.” He insisted it wasn’t an easy process though, “No man, show business it’s tough, putting a movie together is tough, we’ve got high hopes for it.”
Stand up comedian, Lucy Beaumont, also joined the sofa and spoke about her upcoming wedding and Hull accent.
Speaking about her strong accent, Lucy joked that she could teach Keanu some ‘Hull-isms’ if he ever needed to learn them for a part. She continued to teach the rest of the guests how to pronounce their best ‘Hull’.
On acting, Lucy admitted she had done various auditions for parts but said because she couldn’t do a broader accent, she was often held back: “I can’t get rid of it… I went for an audition with Johnny Depp, to co-star, Johnny Depp!”
The comedian - who is engaged to fellow comic, John Richardson - spoke about their upcoming wedding: “It’s the table planning - we can fit everyone in if we don’t go! We forgot about counting ourselves but apart from that it’s all good!”
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.