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Mr Selfridge

  • Episode: 

    10 of 10

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    Series 3
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    Sun 29 Mar 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 14 2015 : Sat 28 Mar - Fri 03 Apr
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    Last in series
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Episode 10
HARRY prepares for the board meeting, and a nervous CRABB reports that profits aren’t up as much as they’d hoped. LOXLEY berates HARRY’S business methods and reveals that the board are proposing a vote of no confidence in him as Chairman. HARRY could lose the store. It’s a battle of wits, and HARRY mounts a robust defence that sees LOXLEY come unstuck. The vote against HARRY is beaten, leaving LOXLEY looking weak in defeat. 
NANCY forges ahead with work on the Selfridge Estate, but GUS is losing his confidence in it all. Meanwhile, PRINCESS MARIE can’t shake her concerns about the architect, ‘Mr Gerrard’, after seeing his boarded up offices. She pays a visit to the British Institute of Architects to check up on TOM GERRARD…
Boosted after his decisive victory against LOXLEY, HARRY announces news of his engagement to his family - and word quickly spreads in store – much to NANCY’s discomfort. She is even more exposed now – could she come clean that she isn’t who she says she is? Would Harry forgive her? Could she make everything right? 
Hearing that PRINCE CAROL OF ROMANIA is in town, ELSA suggests to VICTOR they run a private gambling evening to capitalise on his prolific spending and keep REGAN off their back. VICTOR thinks it’s a great idea. 
At the store, MR GROVE is shocked when MISS MARDLE hands him her letter of resignation: it’s time for her to move on. CRABB is saddened to hear the news and urges GROVE to make amends or he’ll regret it. CRABB points out that despite everything, MISS MARDLE is a true friend to GROVE. CRABB’s strong words bring a stubborn GROVE to his senses – but is it too late? 
Burdened with ominous news, PRINCESS MARIE reports to HARRY her doubts about TOM GERRARD, the Selfridge Estate architect. HARRY follows up, and GUS is revealed to be an imposter – and is immediately arrested. NANCY feigns shock, but now she knows it’s just a matter of time until she’s discovered…
GORDON plucks up the courage to tell HARRY that he’s dating GRACE, and is horrified by HARRY’S strident disapproval. HARRY doesn’t think GORDON can be a good leader if he courts someone on the staff. He instructs GORDON to break things off, if he wants to keep his job. GORDON is left at a crossroads, and has a big decision to make. Romantic turbulence is mirrored with VIOLETTE, who makes one last desperate plea for VICTOR’s affections – only to be rebuffed – leaving her with a solemn and safe choice as she awaits JACQUES’ proposal. 
After GUS’s arrest, NANCY panics. The net starts close in on her, and it isn’t long before HARRY faces an unimaginable truth. In an emotional denouement, HARRY realises the magnitude of his mistake – and is left emotionally shattered. A broken man, HARRY’s inner demons are resurrected, leaving him with only one place to go. Entering Colleano’s, HARRY seats himself at a gambling table with a drink – his two most dangerous vices. He’s dealt into a game PRINCE CAROL and two very beautiful and enigmatic stage starlets, THE DOLLY SISTERS – who we know aren’t good for HARRY SELFRIDGE. Not at all.