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    10 of 10

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    Thu 12 Oct 2017
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    12.35am - 1.50am
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    Week 41 2017 : Sat 07 Oct - Fri 13 Oct
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    ITV Encore
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    Last in series
Series overview - LAST EPISODE OF SERIES 1
Jordskott is a gripping Nordic mystery thriller set in Sweden. Seven years after the disappearance of her daughter Josefine, police investigator Eva Thörnblad is still trying to cope with the grief of her loss. Even though her daughter was said to have drowned, Eva knows in her heart that someone took her child on that fatal day by the Silverhöjd lake, so when a young boy goes missing in the same forest Eva returns to delve into the dark mystery that haunts her. As she is drawn into the investigation she learns that there are much deeper and darker forces in operation but how far is she willing to go to protect the one she loves?
Episode 10
Eva has been forced to leave Silverhöjd to save Josefine. But she returns in order to be able to, rescue the missing children at all costs.  When Eva makes a miscalculation, the lives of the children, and perhaps the entire existence of Silverhöjd is at stake.