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    Tue 04 Dec 2018
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    Week 49 2018 : Sat 01 Dec - Fri 07 Dec
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Episode 10
From the mass produced to the hand crafted, a behind the scenes look at how BritainÕs most iconic brands are made.  
Discover how the finest crystal glasses are hand blown, from globs of red-hot molten glass. 
See how malt vinegar is brewed, thanks to the efforts of billions of bacteria Ð all carefully nurtured for the job. 
Go behind the scenes at Aga and see how their iconic country-kitchen stoves are made to last a life time. 
And meet the team at BritainÕs last remaining tennis ball factory. They turn chunks of raw rubber into custom made balls, to grace tennis courts around the world.      
These are just some of the amazing products that are all proudly, Made in Britain. 
Narrated by Jimmy Nail.