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Auf Wiedersehen My Pet

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    11 of 20

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    Mon 31 Mar 2014
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 14 2014 : Sat 29 Mar - Fri 04 Apr
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Monday 31st March – Tyson the Dog
Inseparable from his boyhood pet since his early teens, Josh is being forced by a family break up to seek a new home for his beloved Staffie cross Tyson. A professional dog groomer with two dogs, an outdoors loving sales assistant and a self confessed playboy who wants a dog to help him keep fit are all keen to take Tyson on.  But Josh is dreading having to hand over his best friend.
Tuesday 1st April – Bob and Tiggy the Guinea Pigs
Chiara bought guinea pigs Bob and Tiggy as pets for her daughter, but now a move to a first floor flat means that she no longer has the space to give them a happy life.  Chiara meets an animal mad hairdresser, a family who run a children’s petting farm and a passionate guinea lover who wants to add to her large piggy family; but she needs to decide which can offer the right level of attention for the piggy pair.
Wednesday 2nd April – Molly the Cat
Molly the blue-eyed cat attracts plenty of attention, but caring for her sick husband means owner Jean no longer has the time to give it to her. A pair of cat lovers who play host to the local moggies, a nursery nurse trying to get over the death of her own cat and a young man living with his grandparents all visit Molly to vye for her affections.  But moody Molly doesn’t always want to play ball.
Thursday 3rd April – George the Parrot
Sarah adores her cheeky music loving African grey parrot George, but his feathers are aggravating her daughter’s asthma and she needs to find him a new home.  Three sets of parrot fanciers visit George in a bid to win him over – and they’ll need to get unpredictable George to dance if they’re to be in with a chance. 
Friday 4th April – Revisit Show 
A chance to catch up on the four pets who were rehomed this week: Tyson the irrepressible Staffie, gorgeous guineas Bob and Tiggy, Molly the water loving cat and George the boogying parrot.  How have they settled in with their new owners?
Series overview
New to ITV Daytime, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will see pet owners who for genuine personal reasons have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. The current owners may be moving abroad or perhaps for medical reasons can no longer give their animal the attention it needs. They will be matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.
The 20-part series of hour-long episodes will feature a range of animals including dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs and parrots, and each programme will focus on one owner and their pet, as they are given the opportunity to meet potential new owners, get to know their families and see around their homes.
With invaluable help and advice throughout from animal experts, the owner will make an informed decision on the best new home for their much-loved pet.
Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will explore and celebrate the bond between humans and animals; following the tears of goodbye, and the joy of a new beginning as lives are transformed by pets.