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    Eps 11 to 15
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    Mon 15 May 2017
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    5.00pm - 6.00pm
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    Week 20 2017 : Sat 13 May - Fri 19 May
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Rylan Clark-Neal hosts ITV’s newest game show Babushka.
Babushka is a high-stakes game show with a simple objective: find the money hidden inside 10 giant Babushka dolls… and keep it.
One pair of contestants takes part per episode. They must open 8 of the 10 dolls for a chance to win up to £44,000.
Players need to answer a true or false question to open each Babushka. Get a question wrong and that doll, plus any banked cash, is lost. Get it right (and there’s a smaller doll inside) they can start banking cash.
Contestants can open each Babushka as many times as they want. But, if they push it too far – and find no smaller doll inside – all banked money is lost.
One Babushka is hiding enough smaller dolls to be worth a whopping £10,000.
However, if the players open an empty Babushka (there’s two hiding in each round) they lose any banked cash.
The players get three ‘helps’ and can double their winnings at the end of the game by finding the golden Babushka.
But they need to hold their nerve as once the game starts there’s no opportunity to cash out early.
Further information:
 - 10 dolls: Tatiana, Viktoriya, Natalya, Svetlana, Anastasia, Angelina, Sonya, Olya, Nushka and Katya.
- 8 of 10 dolls must be opened per game. They each hold one of the following amounts: 2 x £0, 2 x £500, 2 x £1,000, 2 x £2,000, 1 x £5,000 and 1 x £10,000.
- Three ‘helps’ are available: PEEK (open one level of a doll to see if there’s another inside) SWITCH (ditch a question and choose another category)
and X-RAY (bank £5,000 by the half way stage and the final doll can be x-rayed to see what’s inside).
- Contestants are given the chance to double their money at the end of the game. Two small Babushka dolls are placed in front of them. If they pick the doll that’s hiding the golden Babushka they double their money. But, if they pick the empty Babushka, all winnings are lost.
- Only one couple plays per episode.
- Babushka airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV from Monday 1st May.