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David Dickinson’s Name Your Price

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    11 of 20

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    11 to 15
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    Mon 10 Jul 2017
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    3.00pm - 4.00pm
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    Week 28 2017 : Sat 08 Jul - Fri 14 Jul
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David Dickinson’s Name Your Price sees three pairs of contestants competing against each other to correctly value antiques or collectables in order to win a top cash prize!  
Taking inspiration from the older, golden age of game shows, David Dickinson’s Name Your Price challenges contestants to correctly identify the valuable item from a selection of three.
Across three rounds, host and antiques expert David ‘The Duke’ Dickinson describes each of the three objects, detailing their history and provenance. 
However, David is only telling the truth about one item, the valuable one, and the information about the other two items are lies!
Each pair of contestants have to decide which is the truly valuable item and which are The Duke’s deceptions.
At the end of each round David tells the contestants the real value of the objects and points are awarded for the correct answer. The two couples with the highest scores then go through to the fourth round - the semi-final. 
In this round, contestants are shown five antiques or collectables and are then given five cash labels. After David has described each item, one member from each team has 30 seconds to match the object with its correct cash value. 
Just one couple go through to the final round  - ‘The Duke’s Bobby Dazzler’ - in which David describes two items, one of which is worth £5000 and the other is ‘cheap as chips’, worth just £50.
David also offers the contestants a cash sum so they can either choose to take a risk and win the cash value of an item or take the cash. Can they spot the truly valuable object or will they decide to go for David’s cash sum?
Continues weekdays at 3pm - 4pm on ITV