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The Hungry Sailors

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    Mon 15 Jul 2013
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 29 2013 : Sat 13 Jul - Fri 19 Jul
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Monday 15th July
Dick and James Strawbridge make it to the north coast of Cornwall and the beautiful town of St Ives which has been drawing artists and holiday-makers to it for years. The Morwenna has to dry out in the harbour so while James is helping the crew get it tied up and secure, Dick hits the streets and goes shopping for their lunch. Later they both go to Ferrell & Son, traditional town bakers who specialise in saffron buns. The exact recipe’s a secret so Dick and James watch like hawks and then have a go at their own version of the Cornish classic. Next up the last net setter in the town and a nice piece of Heavy Cake on one of the best beaches in the country.
Tuesday 16th July
Father and son Dick and James Strawbridge press on with their sail up the north coast of Cornwall. They’ve come to Newquay. Famous for its surf, there’s no chance of mooring the Morwenna. So they get a lift ashore and then set off in search of great local ingredients. James has a go at fishing for sea bass – which love the surf as much as the tourists and then there’s time to have a go at surfing themselves. Finally they cook up a feast on the beach as the sun goes down – a proper Cornish idyll.
Wednesday 17th July
Dick and James head on up to Padstow on the north coast of Cornwall. They get their hands on some local venison and James meets a chef turned grower who now produces speciality salad crops for top restaurants. Dick has a go at making pasta with locally grown wheat then it’s back to the boat to cook up what they’ve found for the friends they’ve met along the way. 
Thursday 18th July
Father and son Dick and James Strawbridge sail their pilot cutter TheMorwenna to Rock on the north coast of Cornwall. Famous for its oysters and its sailing – Dick and James are more than happy to get stuck in and have a go at both! They pick up some extra ingredients along the way and finally cook for the locals they’ve met back on the boat, competing with each other to produce the best dish of the night.
Friday 19th July
Dick and James head ever onwards on their sail around Cornwall and this time they’re heading for Port Isaac on the north coast.  The harbour there is tiny so father and son get a lift ashore from a local fisherman and set off to meet local producers and gather ingredients. They collect quail eggs, cider, veal and lobster – and find time to make their own carving knife - all for a lavish feast which they cook at Tintagel’s 14th century post office.
Series overview:
Father and son cooking duo Dick and James Strawbridge take to the high seas again in a new, second series of The Hungry Sailors. 
Following on from the success of their first series last year, Dick and James set off on-board the 45-foot pilot cutter The Morwenna for a culinary voyage around the coastlines of South West England, taking in the Channel Islands and the Isles of Scilly along the way. 
Throughout their journey they will be tasting the very best in local food and meeting the producers who are putting the Westcountry on the map.
They’ll be cooking in their galley kitchen and on-shore too – whether it’s on the beach or on the quayside, Dick and James will be demonstrating a host of new recipes inspired by their travels and the food they’ve discovered.
However, they have to work for their supper, so amongst other things, they dig for clams, dive for mussels, shear sheep, herd ducks and help pilot an enormous tanker out to sea. 
And as ever they get out their tools and cobble together classic Strawbridge contraptions such as their own crab cracker, a homemade rotisserie, a sushi roller and ice-cream maker. 
Dick and James love to get stuck in and get their hands dirty, and these two are nothing if not competitive, whether it’s ploughing with shire horses, shucking oysters or making dinner for their guests back on the boat.