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Storage Hoarders

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    11 of 30

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    Mon 26 Aug 2013
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 35 2013 : Sat 24 Aug - Fri 30 Aug
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Aggie MacKenzie returns in Storage Hoarders to meet the people who are still clinging onto things they never see or use.Alongside a team of antique experts she helps people go on a clutter-busting journey to seek out hidden treasures in locked up storage units, garages and even the odd garden shed.
In each episode they’ll be challenged to sort through their stuff and say goodbye to the things with no value.
Monday 26 August
Aggie is amazed to find Kim has been storing cash among the clutter! And we revisit Frank to see if we can finally rid him of his twenty seven year hoard and put an end to his forty five grand storage bill.
Tuesday 27 August
When artist Tracey’s work studio becomes a dumping ground for her storage, Aggie MacKenzie goes on a mission to teach her the art of decluttering.  And can calamitous collector Diana be persuaded to find a new home for her hoard and reclaim her Shrewsbury house from clutter?
Wednesday 28 August
Aggie MacKenzie helps Tricia to find gold among the hoard and see some precious memories come to light. And Mark’s clutter takes him back to his childhood but having spent £17,000 storing it, wife Susan thinks it’s time to grow up and clear out.
Thursday 29 August   
Having downsized, Maureen and John desperately need Aggie’s help to clear out their overflowing unit.  And in Birmingham David tackles the seven year headache of his parent’s boxed up house resulting in an unexpected proposition.  
Friday 30 August
It’s time for Aggie to give Graham a reality check when she does battle with his two bulging garages.  And can doctor’s receptionist Lynn, finally get to grips with her unhealthy hoard and shed her storage for good.