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    Series 9 2015
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    Sat 26 Dec 2015
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    10.05pm - 11.10pm
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    Week 53 2015 : Sat 26 Dec - Fri 01 Jan
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    Tue 22 Dec 2015
On this year’s The Jonathan Ross Show Christmas Special, Jonathan is joined by multi award-winning actor, Sir Ian McKellen; star of Cinderella and Downton Abbey, Lily James; American actor and comedian, Aziz Ansari and TV broadcaster, Fiona Bruce. Coldplay also performed a christmas song, ‘Christmas Lights.’
As the guests joined the sofa at the start of the show, Aziz presented Jonathan with a very special Christmas gift - a twerking penguin toy. [Pictures available from REX]
The guests discussed their favourite and least favourite presents from over the years and Sir Ian shared his experiences of recycling gifts from friends.
“I do have a drawer at home that I put gifts in, that I know I’m not really going to get much use out of, and then around about this time of year, I take them out… [It] is alright as long as you remember who gave it to you in the first place.”
When Jonathan asked if Sir Ian had ever had any accidents with giving the present back to a friend, he said: “I [have done that before] to a very distinguished writer who gave me a lovely notebook, leather bound and so on which I didn’t really need and next Christmas I thought, ‘I wonder what I can give her, ooh perfect’ and I gave her back the present she’d given me. What I hadn’t noticed was that she’d given a very sweet dedication in the front of it. I don’t do that anymore,” he said.
The guests later discussed acting and accents. Sir Ian spoke about his role in The Dresser and said that American viewers couldn’t understand his accent. “I used my native northern accent and it’s now going to be shown in America next year and I’ve had to re-do my voice because the Americans can’t understand my accent!” he admitted.
With the party season underway, the guests discussed their favourite karaoke songs.
Sir Ian said his was ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from The Sound of Music and Aziz admitted, “I like a slower R&B ballad, maybe a Drake song or something” he said before singing a few lines from ‘Hotline Bling.’
“I would say other than Drake I’d go for something like Shania Twain, ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’” Lily said and performed a line. 
Fiona shared a story about her most recent visit to a karaoke bar. She admitted, “We were just shouting all the songs all the time” she laughed and then burst into Beyonce’s classic, ‘All the Single Ladies.’”
Later in the show, the guests spoke about movies that have made them cry. 
Sir Ian said, “The last movie I really had a sob at was Pride, which was very emotional for me as a gay man, about the early gay rights movement in this country. When the lad finally gets to 21, and he’s going to be allowed legally to have sex for the first time, they give him a button it says ‘Legal at last’ and I was just awash [with emotion.]”
Lily James looked ahead to her appearance in TV drama, War & Peace and shared the secret of how she prepared for her role: “I listened to Whitney Houston a lot for War & Peace. My character is so passionate and instinctive and follows her gut and ‘I Will Run to You’ by Whitney sort of seemed to capture that.”
Jonathan told the guests that they would be treated to a special kind of festive feast. A new restaurant is promoting the practice of eating protein in the form of insect life, known as entomophagy. Jonathan presented the guests with a three course meal... with a difference.
The starter included sago worms, black ants, locusts, grasshoppers and mealworm hummus.
Whilst sampling a selection, Sir Ian joked, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” He accidentally knocked some of the black ants into Lily’s lap, who laughed, “I’ve got ants in my pants!”
The main course was presented to the group; a Bug Wellington made up of toasted bamboo worms and mealworms.
Dessert was a bamboo worm fudge and cricket flour cookies which went down well. [Pictures available from REX]
The guests also enjoyed a Dog Parade. As many dog owners buy presents for their pooches around the Christmas season, Jonathan held a canine catwalk where dogs could show off their various gifted outfits.
There was Bella the Beagle dressed as a Christmas pudding and Roxy the St Bernard in a dinner suit. Esther the yorkshire terrier wore a summer outfit and Merlin the golden retriever wore a Christmas suit. Jonathan's beloved dog, Professor Snowball, wore a jumper and leg warmers. Jackie the chihuahua wore a tutu and Evie, a baby chihuahua was also brought out to much adoration by the audience and guests. [Pictures available from REX]
At the end of the show, Sir Ian conducted a game of Pieface which saw Jonathan, Lily, Fiona and Aziz get their faces covered in cream. [Pictures available from REX]