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    Sat 26 Mar 2016
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    Week 13 2016 : Sat 26 Mar - Fri 01 Apr
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    Fri 25 Mar 2016
CARRIE FISHER speaks about her relationship with Harrison Ford and admits she’ll appear in the Star Wars films until they kill her off
THE ENGLAND RUGBY TEAM sit down in their first interview since winning the Grand Slam. They talk Six Nations success and give Jonathan tackling lessons [Pictures available from REX]
KATHERINE JENKINS speaks about being a mum and admits her worst performance was at her sister’s wedding. She also performs live.
RUSSELL HOWARD speaks about his show, Good News, and Donald Trump
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher; the stars of the winning England Rugby team, Dylan Hartley, Billy Vunipola, Danny Care and Jonathan Joseph; stand-up, Russell Howard and classical singer, Katherine Jenkins chats and performs live.
Film icon, Carrie Fisher, joined the sofa for her first interview since the global success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She spoke about romance with Harrison Ford and whether she’ll continue in the movies.
Introducing her dog, Carrie admitted that the Brits are much more welcoming to him than the US. “He’s very big here. In the States they didn’t want him to come to the opening there and the British were much more enthusiastic about Gary and so he was allowed to come here. He came to the premiere and he was very agitated by BBA [Star Wars drone].” [Pictures are available from REX]
Jonathan asked Carrie if there was ever a romantic relationship with her Star Wars co-star, Harrison Ford: “I was a very good girl. You see at the time, I was 19 years old and I was going to the Central School of Speech and Drama and I dated a boy that was from East Grinstead so we were dating right up until the film and then it was like I graduated drama school and went to College Star Wars. I was brought up by Tammy [referring to her mother’s famous role] so I am not going to go through anywhere like wildfire. [I was so not] a wild child but I acted like one. I have always had a kind of demeanour. [It gets me in] lots of trouble. It explains a lot, I just thought about it.”
Jonathan said: “You and Harrison, there is such a chemistry on screen and of course you’re actors but it feels a very real thing… I’m only asking as a fan watching it and I’ve met Harrison many times and I love him, he’s very relaxed it strikes me. I was always curious as to whether or not there was ever any off screen romance or any thought of that. You must have been attracted to him a bit, he must have been attracted to you.”
Carrie replied: “Well when I went on the film I really thought, I saw him and he looked like a movie star. I met him in LA and read with him and stuff and was too nervous to see him so when we got on the set I saw him and he was sitting in the Millennium Falcon… and I thought he looked like one of those movie stars which was not how Mark [Hamill] and I appeared. It wasn’t like you get a crush on that person.”
“I actually recently found my diaries from this [time]... It had some memories in it… I wonder it too so when I found the journals I looked. I haven’t looked all the way through it but I must say it seemed to be trending in that direction. But it didn’t happen. I’m just saying I haven’t read through to the end, that’s a lot of typing.”
When Jonathan asked if it could have happened and appear in the end of her real life diaries, Carrie teased: “It might happen, it might not happen.” 
Carrie said her diaries do feel like the same person to who she is now: “Unbelievably, horrifically, in a sad way. It’s way too complicated… I’m just this overthinking, hydrocephalic human [in the diary]. That did [make me sad] I just thought ‘take it easy, have a coca cola and shut up’... “The reason I kept the diaries is because I have a very chatty head. It was a way of managing an overcrowding psyche.”
Carrie also spoke about filming Episode VIII and said she wouldn’t rule out doing more films if her character stayed. “If they don’t kill me,” she said.
Carrie spoke about her past troubles with drugs and why she decided to speak out so openly about them: “The things that I spoke about were known so either I leave it out that I am what? I am someone that did a lot of drugs? I am bipolar? I am whatever the hell, so I want my version… I think it probably did hurt some stuff, it’s daunting. I don’t have a choice.”
Carrie spoke about her daughter, who appeared in The Force Awakens movie, and teased that she may appear in more Star Wars movies: “She is straight spined. My daughter is very confident, she knows she was adored on both sides and I didn’t have totally that so there’s a little hesitation in me, a little apology because I can’t assume immediately that you’re going to like me so I am going to work very hard to see if I could get you.”
Carrie sat alongside Russell Howard and together they performed some lines from Star Wars with Russell taking the role as Darth Vader. He even had the voice! [Pictures available from REX]
Sporting champions from the victorious England Rugby Team - captain Dylan Hartley, Billy Vunipola, Danny Care and Jonathan Joseph - joined the sofa for their first proper interview since winning the grand slam in France.
Billy carried on an extra sofa over his head to seat the giants of sport [Pictures available from REX]. 
Whilst team captain, Dylan, also brought the Six Nations Champions Cup onto the set and revealed he doesn’t actually remember a lot of the final moments of the game because he was concussed after a tackle: “I honestly cannot remember. There’s this big guy on the French team, he’s 24 stone. Ever since I was 10 years old every coach, every Dad has told me ‘Big boys, tackle them around the knees, tackle them around the ankles.’ And people still coach this. So I’ve gone in low and instead of tackling him I’ve kissed his knee with my head. I tried tackling him and I got a knee to my head. It didn’t hurt and I can’t remember it.” 
“And you can’t remember anything in the match after this?” Jonathan asked.
“No. Apparently I lifted that [the cup. No I don’t remember doing that.] The doctor’s orders were to stay in the changing room, somehow I made my way out, I saw my best friend, I saw my auntie and uncle. It’s all a bit of a blur the only thing I can remember is putting my suit on after the game.”
On whether these memories may come back, Dylan said: “It’s a bit like when you go to a party and have too many beers and you look at your phone the next day and so my Twitter is filled up with photos from the game, I’ve watched the video obviously and I’m starting to try and piece things back together. At the moment I’m just having a rest.”
Speaking about how the boys celebrated their triumph, Danny said “We had a good night, we had a few beers in the changing room afterwards. We kept it quite low key throughout the tournament, we didn’t go out and give the large-un after game one, we definitely did it after game five though.”
“To be fair Eddie [Jones the head coach] is all about having a couple of beers every now and again just at the right time. We bided our time, we didn’t want to go out and think we were better than we were to start but we waited until the end of the tournament to celebrate properly.”
Dylan joked that the head coach wanted a bar crawl: “He texted me in one of the weeks off saying I think we should have a pub crawl. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not,” he laughed.
Billy spoke about his bloodied eye caused by burst blood vessels that happened during the tournament: “It’s pretty cool, I kinda like it… It doesn’t hurt and it looks cool… I was going more for Cyborg [than a Bond villain]” he laughed.
Jonathan Joseph (JJ) revealed what Dylan was like as team captain. “Me and Dyls have a good relationship. I think at times he likes his little power trips… I love team sports and he’s a very good captain, he knows what to do at the right time but there are moments when he likes just to know that he’s a bit above the rest.”
Dylan laughed, “Sometimes the young fellas just need a bit of direction.”
On his captain, Billy said: “He is good, he’s a bit like our head coach Eddie, he tells you how it is and I guess [Eddie] uses you a lot doesn’t he to discipline the lads.”
Dylan also spoke about whether the team were confident of their success at the start of the Six Nations tournament: “We were confident but this tournament is difficult and there are a lot of good teams in it. And we took it game by game so it’s been good…”
Looking to the future and three upcoming games in Australia, Dylan said: “We are where we want to be, fourth in the world, and we want to challenge the best so we’re confident. Between now and then there’s two months of premiership and European rugby to play and in rugby week to week there’s things like injuries so two months is a long time in my world.”
Dylan coached Jonathan and Russell on how to tackle an opponent, using Billy as the player they would practice on. [Pictures available from REX] Russell succeeded and when Jonathan prepared to tackle Billy, the professional joked “I’m tensing. I’m scared as well.”
Singing sensation, Katherine Jenkins, joined the sofa and spoke about family life and singing at her sister’s wedding.
Speaking about becoming a mother to six month old Aaliyah, Katherine said: “She’s amazing, I’m totally besotted with her.”
Katherine is Welsh and her husband is American. On which accent her daughter may pick up, Katherine said: “I worry about this all the time because I’m very proud of my Welsh accent, I’d love her to have a Welsh accent but I wonder if she’s going to end up somewhere in the middle, if she’s going to have one of those transatlantic messed up accents which I don’t want her to have… I don’t know what’s going to happen.” On famous people who have a half American half Welsh accent, she said: “Catherine Zeta Jones sounds a little bit of both.”
On coming to London aged 17, Katherine admitted: “I had to adapt [my accent] because I felt like nobody ever understood me. I think that naturally it becomes a bit more English when I’m in London and then as soon as I speak to my mum on the phone or go back to Neath, it inevitably becomes full Welsh or very, very fast.”
Katherine spoke about learning new languages for her performances: “Recently I learnt to sing in Mandarin. I was going over to do a concert and they asked me if I would learn this iconic modern day pop song from China so I got a coach and worked on it. Welsh is really hard, it’s actually a very difficult language but Mandarin is up there,” she said before performing a burst of the song.
Katherine spoke about the emotions she feels when performing and admitted that when she performed at her sister’s wedding, it was her worst performance yet: “I did sing at my sister’s wedding and it was definitely the worst performance ever. I just couldn’t keep [my emotions] it in. I was so happy for her, it was such an emotional day and I was wobbling, I was all over the place, it was rubbish. I hope I didn’t ruin it for her.”
Star of stand-up and TV, Russell Howard, joined the sofa and spoke about his show, Russell Howard’s Good News, and the more political subjects he now deals with on the programme.
“We spoke about the NHS last year, the tampon tax, the tax credits, we spoke about Paris, so we kind of dealt with quite big topics and tried to make it interesting and funny. I think people are just interested in the world… The boos and [feeling] of disappointment we all have that America are going to vote in Trump, it just blows our mind because he’s just this big, slimy, fat bully, he’s like Jabba the Hutt, we need Carrie [Fisher] to strangle him. He has no policies… I’ve got no time for any politics based on fear, it just doesn’t connect.”