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    Sat 18 Nov 2017
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    Week 47 2017 : Sat 18 Nov - Fri 24 Nov
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    Fri 17 Nov 2017
SHERIDAN SMITH on upcoming projects, recovering from a difficult year and why she is speaking out about her mental health
LUKE EVANS performs a duet with Sheridan and says he’d love to play Sir Tom Jones in a movie biopic
PETER KAY causes mayhem as he takes over the set and invites guests to the sofa!
IAIN STIRLING on Love Island and his protective mum 
Plus The Script perform
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs on Saturday night on ITV - Jonathan is joined by national treasure, Sheridan Smith; comedian and actor, Peter Kay; Actor Luke Evans and comedian and voice of Love Island, Iain Stirling.
Singer and actress, Sheridan Smith, spoke to Jonathan all about upcoming projects and her new album, being back in the limelight after struggling with her mental health and why she is speaking out about it now. 
On why she decided to do her new album, she said: “They came to me after I did Cilla and my dad was alive at the time, and he said ‘Go on, do an album’... I didn’t have the guts to be honest but growing up with them [my parents] being a country and western duo, they really wanted my to do it. And so when they came to me after Funny Girl and they asked me again, his voice was in my head and I thought ‘why not, let me do it and dedicate it to him.’”
On pulling out of performing in Funny Girl, following the devastating death of her father, she said: “It was the worst thing, I hate it and I always think ‘The show must go on’ and I hate letting anyone down but I think the public understood in a way that you can’t choose when these things happen. It was a gradual build up when my dad got diagnosed and I just couldn’t continue, I lost my mind, I completely did to the point where people were stopping me in the street and cuddling me because people understand that, it’s just life. Unfortunately you can’t just take time off from a show, you get a lot of abuse so that’s what happened.”
On struggling with her mental health, she said: “I’d been performing anyway leading up to that, and I’ve always had a bit of anxiety, and so I was a little bit nervous but the catalyst of it all was my dad. Now I’m in a better place, I want to say ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ because I didn’t speak about it and then it snowballed and it came to this huge head… You’re scared to ask for help because people think ‘Oh what have you got to be worried about?’ and I get it but I just think, if [me speaking out] helps one person. I’ve had a lot of messages from young girls. I hope it helps people… I totally take responsibility for that time, it was my fault that they [the press] were writing stuff because I was giving them stuff to write about so that was my own fault. But I’ve taken time away, stepped away, managed to be around my family, have some quality time with them and come back with this album and a tour and hope that people welcome me back.”
On her anxiety, Sheridan said: “It’s a weird thing because people just go, ‘Pull yourself together’ and that’s the worst thing you can say… You can’t help it. Unfortunately it just comes. It’s an issue that I have that I’m working on.”
And on who she’d like to play her in a story of her life, she said: “I love Kathy Burke… she does comedy and she’s got no vanity, I just love that about her… My dad always taught me you can’t take life too seriously.”
Sharing memories of her father, she said: “He was constantly laughing, he was the funniest man I ever met. As far as relationships go, he set the bar so high I just want someone who can make me laugh like that.”
On whether she’ll do a theatre show again: “I’m straight back. I’m filming an ITV drama at the minute, then a Channel 4 drama after that then I’m going on the road, I’m touring with the album which I’ve never done and I’m terrified.”
Of all of the songs on her album, she admitted that she likes singing the ‘saucy’ ones including ‘Addicted to Love.’ “I might ask [if I can do the video with gorgeous men] just for the fun of it.”
Jonathan joked that perhaps he and fellow guest, Peter Kay, could be in the video.
On touring and performing at the Royal Albert Hall next year, she said: “Because I’ve never played myself before, I’m always playing characters, there’ll be lots of interaction with the audience, I might get some of you up. I’m really looking forward to it.”
Actor, Luke Evans, joined the show. Showing off his musical credentials, he and Sheridan sang a Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers duet to much applause from the audience. [Pictures available from REX]
Luke also spoke about ageing, admitted he is conscious of getting old: “Very. It’s terrifying, no one wants to… It’s hard enough looking at a mirror reflection, let alone a 40 foot version of yourself. I think I’ve changed a lot.”
He also admitted, he’d love to play Tom Jones in a film about his life: “I’d like to say, on record, that if they made a biopic of Tom Jones, I would love to play him.” And referring to Sir Tom’s huge voice, Luke said: “I think definitely I could give it a go.”
Luke spoke about the unusual sex scenes in his new film, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: “I didn’t know how to do the tying up thing, none of us did… I can tie my shoelaces up, I can tie myself up in knots sometimes but… The director brought in these two ladies who were professional dominatrix… It’s a whole community that I didn’t know about. So we spent a few days with these two women who taught us how to... It was all about the women tying me up more than I got to tie them up. It was very entertaining. It was just funny, it was a very weird thing to do on camera. Sex is one thing, but being tied up in a 1920s costume, it was quite funny. [Sex scenes] are awkward.”
Luke also spoke about whether he’ll do any more Fast & Furious movies. “I get stopped [and recognised] for this bad guy character, as much as I get stopped for anything else!”
Luke - who is currently working with Dame Helen Mirren - told a story where he had to remind her that they had worked together previously in the Fast & Furious movies: “She sat across the table and she said ‘Oh so where are you from?’ She plays my mother in Fast 8 but she has never met me, she hadn’t connected that I actually played her son… I just said, ‘So I have to remind you that you played my mum in the movie’ and she said, ‘Oh darling, I’m so sorry, I’ve never seen any of them so I would never know.’”
And on another of his famous roles, as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, he said: “Amazing job. It was a great role, I never wanted that job to finish. I’m hoping for a spin off at some point, there’s plenty we could do with him.”
One of Britain’s most-loved comedians, Peter Kay, joined the show in spectacular fashion, taking over the stage, climbing on the set, rearranging the famous skyline and causing mayhem!  [Pics from Rex]
Speaking about touring again for the first time in eight years, the funny man said: “I’m going back on tour. I’m doing a stand up tour. First one, in eight years! It’s ideal for the old mum and dad, nan and grandad, very clean. I do a family show.” 
On why it’s taken him eight years to return to touring, he said: “I don’t like it! I do like it, but it’s terrifying standing on a stage in front of 14,000 people trying to make them laugh. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. I like it, but once in a blue moon. I should have called the tour that, ‘Once In a Blue Moon.’ I don’t think I’ll do another after this, I’m getting on now.”
Peter admitted his mum and wife approve his material: “If my mum or my wife says that something isn’t funny, I know I’ve struck gold. They said the monkey wasn’t funny in Car Share, they said ‘You can’t do that’... They just said it was stupid and would never happen. They had to train this monkey for three weeks to wear sunglasses and eat Werther's Originals.”
And on his famous phrases, Peter admitted: “I still get that, people shouting ‘Garlic Bread’ at me. Who’d have thought that a food would be a catchphrase. It wasn’t even a catchphrase, it’s a food! I couldn’t get it in the supermarket the other week. I couldn’t find it and I couldn’t ask for it because I was mortified to say ‘Garlic Bread’ because they all would have [shouted it back at me.]”
Peter told Jonathan that he had offered the host as a raffle prize a recent Christmas Fayre: “I basically offered you as a meet and greet. They’re here.”
Competition Winners Mary, Anne and Philip joined the sofa to meet Jonathan and also made their way into the Guest Green Room to meet the other stars and get photographs.
Iain Stirling, the comedian and voice of ITV2 hit, Love Island, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about people’s reactions after putting his face to his voice.
He said: “When I’d done the voice over, I found out that I sound terrible. Everyone thought I was a retired 40 year old father of three. Everyone says, ‘Oh he’s a heartthrob,’ I’m not, I look okay but when they heard my voice and found out I had all my teeth, they thought, ‘This guy is alright actually.’”
And on the success of the show, Iain said: “It’s been so popular and I think, everyone just wants to find love.”
Iain also spoke about his mum being overprotective of him: “My mum is a middle class mum but she is Scottish, she’s middle class but if you turn on her son she will [mess] you up… She likes [my work]... They watch Love Island which I’m not keen on, it’s just a bit awkward.”