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    Sat 02 Apr 2016
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KIT HARRINGTON insists his Game of Thrones character is definitely dead but teases that he appears in a few episodes of the new series. He admits that even the Duchess of Cornwall asked him if his character was dead and he also speaks about his role in Doctor Faustus
ANNA FRIEL speaks about singing, her daughter and mishaps on set
FRANKIE BOYLE speaks about his family and jokes
TINIE TEMPAH says he’ll one day own a farm and settle down, but not just yet. He also performs with Zara Larsson
On the last episode of the current series of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan speaks to Game of Thrones star, Kit Harrington; British acting talent, Anna Friel, comedian Frankie Boyle and rapper, singer and producer, Tinie Tempah who also performs alongside Zara Larsson.
Star of the globally successful Game of Thrones series, Kit Harrington, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about being naked on stage, meeting the Duchess of Cornwall and insisting that his character, Jon Snow, is no longer alive in the popular fantasy series.
Kit - who is most famous for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones - responded to rumours that his character is not dead and will return to the new series of the fantasy drama television series.
Kit said that everywhere he goes, people ask him if his character was killed at the end of the last series.
“There’s a guy at my Sainsburys I go to, I love this man. He’s very dear to my heart. He sees me come in and he goes straight to the till and he bars everyone else, he flicks them across until I get there and he goes ‘You ain’t dead is it?’ And I’m like ‘I am dead.’ And he goes, ‘Nah, you ain’t dead, I know’ and I’m like, ‘How do you know? I’m dead.’ And he goes, ‘You’d be crying if you were dead’ and this happens everytime I go in. I think he thinks I’d be weeping in the street for the rest of my life that I’m not in Game of Thrones anymore” he explained.
When Jonathan asked: “How do you keep the secrets that you must know about the show going forward, how do you manage to get through it without giving that away? There must be a few close people you can talk to?”
Kit replied: “I am no longer involved in the show so any secrets that are with the show I don’t actually know anymore, so it becomes very easy Jonathan. You’re looking at me like you don’t believe me. It’s going to be so relieving when people actually see the show and realise that I don’t come back.”
When Jonathan mentioned about Kit filming in Belfast as Jon Snow recently, Kit said: “I was playing a corpse. I was there for a little bit, I was there for about a month or two months, it was spread over a bit and I was playing a corpse.”
Jonathan joked, “Yeah, because when you’re lying dead you’ve got to film for a couple of months…”
To which Kit responded: “I won’t tell you how many episodes I’m lying dead but it’s enough that I was out there for quite a while. It’s going to be so satisfying when you see it and you realise that I was telling the truth the whole time,” he smirked.
Kit said it’s not only fans of the show who ask him about whether his character is dead or not, he said famous people - and even the royals - are also interested to know: “I get this from everybody. Me and my brother got invited to Wimbledon as you do and a Royal was hosting, we didn’t know which Royal it was and it was the Duchess of Cornwall and she was hosting it and we got sat with her, me and my brother, and she leant over the table and said ‘Are you dead?’ No word of a lie,” he laughed.
Jonathan and Kit played a game, ‘The Stone of Truth’ where Kit had to put his hand in the mouth of ‘The Stone of Truth’ and could get a small shock depending on the quality of his answer to Jonathan’s questions about Game of Thrones. Pictures available from Rex.
Speaking about his role in the play, Doctor Faustus, Kit said: “It’s very contemporary, it’s very modern, it’s cinematic, it’s exciting it’s got bodily fluids flying around all over the place, I get my a*se out… It’s about a man who summons Mephistopheles, the Devil’s right hand man and then makes a deal with it and we’ve actually been rehearsing this in a church which is not the most comfortable place to be summoning the Devil. I’m the summoner so I’ve been standing on a table all week speaking Latin summoning the devil, and it was on Good Friday we were doing this. There was [a church service going on] next door and a church warden came in at one point, I’m not joking, to tell us to be quiet.”
Kit - who is state school educated - spoke about privately educated actors and whether he believes there is an ‘old boys club’ as it were: “I think it’s that private schools and public schools have a much better system in place for getting their students into the industry, for training their students and I think the state school system needs money pumped into it and is lacking in that department. I don’t think it’s anything to do with what background someone is from, I honestly don’t.” On there being a ‘network’ of these type of actors, he continued: “I would hope not, I haven’t noticed it being in this industry. Who knows? For example there are actors who I’m friends with who are from private and public school who are very, very, very good actors, very serious about their job. Just because they are from that background doesn’t mean they should be sort of held up as that’s their fault.”
Anna Friel, the British actor and star of new ITV drama, Marcella, joined the sofa and spoke about singing, her daughter and mishaps that occur whilst filming.
Speaking about being offered a recording contract after her time in Brookside, Anna said: “It was about the time of Kylie and Jason and Neighbours and all of that and they all made the switch from acting to singing… Simon Cowell had offered me a record contract thinking that would be a natural transition and hearing that I could sing but I just thought it probably wouldn’t do my acting career any good… I sing folk music really and the level and the quality of what he presents us with now is far beyond anything I could do I think.”
She continued: “I saw him in New York probably seven years later and he said ‘Ms Friel’ and called me over I said ‘Hello’ and he said ‘Well done’ and I said ‘Why what did I do?’ And he said ‘You said no.’ I was like, sometimes ‘No’ is a powerful word. I don’t know where I would have been right now.” 
On whether she believed her singing career would have been shorter than her acting career as it is now, she said: “I’m sure it would. I think if you put together music career and soap it doesn’t really present itself as serious actress that’s worked all over the world.” 
Speaking about her daughter, Gracie, Anna said she can see her getting into the industry in the future: “She’s been asked to act and she’s really talented. I think growing up in America for the first three, four years of life it gave her the perfect American accent so that’s one thing she hasn’t got to work on but she sees how hard mummy and daddy work and she sees the ups and the downs and I think if anything she’d probably direct more than she would act right now. She makes amazing videos and she’s a great photographer and she sings like an angel, she sings in Latin and Italian, she’s a beautiful singer… We used to laugh when she’d say ‘trashcan’ and ‘yoghurt’ and now it’s gone  the other way because we’ve both got quite strong northern accents and her accent is quite posh.” 
Anna also spoke about mishaps that have happened to her whilst filming over the years.
On a scene in the film, Bathory, Anna explained: “They’d given me a song to sing. [My character] went to age 70 and I’d gone through sword fighting and from a young woman of 18 to the death scene when she set herself on fire and lit the corner of the bed spread… I got to the end of the first line [of a song] and the whole of the wall started [to catch on fire]. I was surrounded in fire and [part of the set] came down and fell on my face and my face was full of prosthetics which of course are incredibly flammable.”
She also spoke about having a difficult time with a horse whilst filming for another project: “I got ridden off on a horse because it was too big for me and the director was getting so frustrated he slapped the back of the a*se of the horse and the trainer kept saying, ‘It’s too big, it’s too big’ and I had bare legs and a corset and it just went off with me galloping at a pace for like a mile. I didn’t go on a horse again after that for ages.”
On her role as the lead in ITV drama, Marcella, Anna said: “She gets quite physical. There’s one direction I have to push my husband who’s just told me he doesn’t love me anymore down the stairs but [in] the last job he’d just had, he played a boxer so he was very strong and he’s really tall and my head comes up to his chest and as I’m pushing him down the stairs he came towards me…. and I knocked myself out and I got concussion to the point where the medic had to come up and I couldn’t quite see straight and they had to stop for about 20 minutes.” 
Scottish standup star, Frankie Boyle, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his family and feelings as he gets older.
On his feelings towards comedy and humour as he gets older, Frankie said: “I think as I get older I sort of realise not everybody has the same sense of humour, not everybody has even got a sense of humour.”
Frankie spoke about his two children and his concerns for the world they are growing up in: “I worry about everything in this country in particular. I think we live in a quite an immoral society with quite an amoral Government and they're going to have to grow up in that and negotiate their own way in it.”
Frankie joked about his new special for Netflix, saying that it’s not the sort of show that will encourage ‘Netflix and Chill’: “I knew about Netflix and Chill so I’ve deliberately constructed a show that nobody will be able to have sex after. There will actually be a birth slump after this show comes out. In 40 years time there will be a pensions crisis because of this Netflix special,” he laughed.
Rapper and record producer, Tinie Tempah, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his dreams to settle down on a farm. He also performed his new single Girls Like with Zara Larsson.
Speaking about people always rapping at him when they meet him, including Jonathan, Tinie joked about a singing competition for rappers: “I was thinking, me and you should set up our own version of The X Factor maybe get another rapper involved, we can be the judges.”
The 27 year old also spoke about his plans for the future and admitted he would one day like to move away from city life and run a farm: “I’m trying to eventually have a family, maybe like 30. 30 is a good age to start probably? Three more years of a lot of fun and then probably settle down, have a family, live on a farm, get some animals… I don’t have to do [the hard work on the farm].”
He later joked: “I watch Countryfile.”