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Rory Bremner's Great British Views

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    16 of 20

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    Mon 06 May 2013
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 19 2013 : Sat 04 May - Fri 10 May
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Rory Bremner is on a mission to track down the best of British views. The ones that make you stop and stare.  Then really wish you’d remembered to bring your camera..  And along the way he tries to make a good impression on the locals who are lucky enough to live and work there.
Monday  6th April 2013 – Liverpool
Today Rory’s mission to track town the best of British views finds him in Liverpool. He visits Liverpool Cathedral where he tries his hand at bell ringing. And whilst attempting to impersonate Ringo at the birthplace of the Beatles he nearly gets drummed out of town. After a tour of the picturesque town of Port Sunlight he takes a trip on that world famous Ferry in search of the iconic view of Liverpool.
Tuesday 7th April 2013 – Warwickshire
Today Rory Bremner’s mission to find the best of British views takes him to Warwickshire. He gets a real bird’s eye view of the countryside when he tries his hand at falconry.  On a trip to the picturesque town of Stratford-upon-Avon he gets all classical on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company. And at Warwick Castle, he winds up his trip with a medieval weapon that flings great balls of fire.
Wednesday 8th April 2013 – North Yorkshire Coast 
Today Rory’s mission to find the best of British views sees him on the ruggedly beautiful coast of North Yorkshire.  He warms up on a vintage steam bus in Whitby but later gets the chills on a vampire trail.  At an ex-POW camp there’s no escape so he has to Dig for Victory.  And in Scarborough a group of diehard swimmers try to talk him into a bracing dip in the North Sea.
Thursday 9th April 2013 – Scottish Borders
Today Rory’s search for the best of British views takes him to a place very close to his heart, the Scottish Borders.  He tries his hand at fly-fishing but can’t even catch a cold.  His attempt to make tweed the old fashioned way gets him tied up in knots.  And at a world champion haggis makers, he’s told not to give up the day job.
Friday 10th April 2013 – London
Today Rory’s quest to find the best of British views finds him in the nation’s capital, London.  In a city with so many famous sights he has his work cut out to find the best.  Along the way he goes to the top of the Shard, gets up at the crack of dawn to try his hand at eel wrangling, takes the Dickens of a tour of Victorian London and goes behind the scenes at the most famous clock in the world.
Series overview:
Weekdays at 2pm on ITV.
In a brand new series for ITV Daytime, Rory Bremner embarks on an awe-inspiring adventure across Great Britain, hitting the road to visit an array of visually stunning views and magnificent beauty spots that have a special place in the hearts of the nation.
Rory Bremner’s Great British Views sees the impressionist, satirist, and writer guide viewers through a personal tour of the British Isles celebrating sweeping vistas of the rolling countryside, dramatic coastlines, historic buildings and architectural cityscapes.
From the beautiful Scottish Borders to the breathtaking Cheddar Gorge, the dramatic Jurassic coastline to the historic Warwick Castle – Rory travels in his classic convertible Morgan to explore Britain’s varied landscape and meet the local folk passionate about their area.
Along the way, Rory immerses himself in the local culture finding out how the landscape is used today, learning about its surprising history and heritage, and its charming past and present inhabitants. Rory will also unveil other vistas in the region, discovering plenty of unfamiliar facts about Britain and revealing the places that are close to his own heart.
Mixing Rory’s passion for Britain, captivating landscapes and the stories from the people who rightfully declare this as their view, the 20 x 60’ series will revel in the beauty of the British Isles and leave viewers with a new perspective on the nation’s favourite beauty spots.