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Who’s Doing The Dishes?

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    16 of 30

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    16 to 20
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    Mon 22 Sep 2014
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    4.00pm - 5.00pm
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    Week 39 2014 : Sat 20 Sep - Fri 26 Sep
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Who’s Doing The Dishes? is a brand new daytime series for ITV presented by Brian McFadden featuring a host of celebrity faces all trying their hand at cooking…or cleaning as the case may be.
Each week, the programme follows four guests as they attend five dinner parties secretly hosted by different mystery celebrities in their own homes. Celebrity cooks include a host of stars from the world of TV, music and sport including; Louis Walsh, Claire Richards, Amy Childs, Jo Wood, Tina Malone, Wes Brown, Dane Bowers, Alison Hammond, Toyah Wilcox, Sian Lloyd, Vincent Simone, Cheryl Baker, Martin Offiah, Michelle Heaton, Gillian McKeith and Jo McElderry.
As the diners tuck in and deliver their culinary verdicts, they must try to work out who's cooking with the help of clues, which are hidden in the food as well as around the house.  The guests don’t know each other, but they must work together to try and figure out at the end of the evening who their celebrity host is.  If the team can successfully guess the name of the celebrity every night they can win a pot of cash to split between them and the celebrity will be putting their marigolds on. If they don’t, they’ll be doing the dishes! 
Vincent Simone – Monday 22nd Sept
This week starts in Surrey, with Italian dancer Vincent Simone from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’
Brian has his hands full with pocket sized Vincent in the kitchen as the renowned flirt and ladies man turns on his Italian charm. With dancing, Italian food and Vincent stripping down to his bright pink boxers, Brian is going to have to work hard to keep him under control and away from the female dinner guests. 
A new set of excited diners start this week ready to show off their celebrity knowledge, especially self-confessed celeb fanatic Johnny. Opera singer Jennifer has a premonition in a dream and ‘Happy Coach’ Genny just wants everyone to be happy! This could be the start of a strange week.
Cheryl Baker – Tuesday 23rd Sept
Next this week is TV presenter and original member of ‘Bucks Fizz’ Cheryl Baker.
Brian won’t need to make his mind up in the kitchen with Cheryl as she has everything, including Brian under control. She even gets him dressed for the infamous skirt ripping dance routine!
After doing the dishes at Vincent Simone’s, these diners are desperate for a win. Johnny’s celebrity knowledge (otherwise known as obsession) comes into play and he joins forces with David, leaving the girls on the side-lines. With the team divided, they need to start learning to work together and Genny still just wants everyone to be happy, happy, happy.
Martin Offiah – Wednesday 24th Sept
Tonight Rugby League Legend Martin Offiah welcomes our four diners into his home for a spot of dinner and TV’s ultimate game of Guess Who?
Martin wastes no time in getting Brian in his scrum hat and shorts and putting him through his paces in the garden; let’s just say our Brian isn’t much of a rugby man and is more than relieved when it’s time to head back to the kitchen to cook up a storm. Since retiring from professional rugby Martin has appeared on both Strictly Come Dancing and Splash, but tonight his cooking is under scrutiny, will he be dancing his way to victory, or will he be diving into those dishes?
Off the back of their first victory of the week the team’s spirits are high and they are determined to get another £500 in the bank. But sport isn’t a strong area for celebrity wannabe Jonny and the refined tastes of David, and the boys are relying on the girls tonight to get them across the finish line.  
Aggie Mackenzie – Thursday 25th Sept
How Clean Is Her House? Well we’ll find out tonight as TV Presenter Aggie McKenzie opens her doors for our four special guests to go snooping around all the nooks and crannies. 
As Aggie cooks up a feast, Brian has his work cut out with the eagle eyed Aggie making sure he leaves no surface unwiped and no counter unpolished.
Fresh from yet another defeat the team are divided and it’s a battle of the sexes tonight as the team try to get back on track. Opera singer Jennifer has been hitting all the right notes this week, but happiness coach Genny might find the smile wiped off her face unless the boys start pulling their weight. One thing is for sure, the team are going to need to dust themselves off and polish their tactics if they’re going to walk away this week with their heads held high. 
Michelle Heaton – Friday 26th Sept
Ending this week is Liberty X member and health fanatic Michelle Heaton.
Brian and Michelle were both in Westlife and Liberty X around the same time and share a lot of stories about being in a pop band. Michelle also teaches Brian the cane routine from ‘just a little’ and tries to convince Brian that a healthy lifestyle is the way forward.
It’s the final night and Johnny has been playing up his celebrity knowledge all week but is yet to come up with the goods. He is desperate to get it right tonight and after being star struck at Aggie’s who knows how he will react when he finds out its Michelle! Genny is struggling to be happy when she sees the food on offer. The team all need to work together and lift their spirits if they are going to end the week on a high.