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Finding Alice

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    Tue 19 Jan 2021

Finding Alice


Watch the entire new series of Finding Alice on the ITV Hub from 17 January 2021.

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Series overview

An all star line up joins award-winning actress Keeley Hawes in ITV’s new contemporary drama Finding Alice. The six-part drama created by Roger Goldby, Keeley Hawes and Simon Nye, and written by Roger and Simon focuses on Alice’s honest, raw, blackly comic journey of grief, love and life after the death of her partner Harry.

BAFTA-nominated Hawes (Honour, The Durrells, Bodyguard, Line of Duty) plays the role of Alice, and is joined by a star-studded cast including Joanna Lumley (Gangster Granny, Absolutely Fabulous) and Nigel Havers (Benidorm, Coronation Street) as Alice’s parents Sarah and Roger, and Jason Merrells (Agatha Raisin, Safe House) as her partner Harry.

Also joining the cast are Gemma Jones (Gentleman Jack, Unforgotten) and Kenneth Cranham (Hatton Garden, Bancroft) as Minnie and Gerry, Alice’s in-laws. Alongside the core cast is rising star Isabella Pappas (Paranoid) as Alice and Harry’s 16-year-old daughter Charlotte, Sharon Rooney (The Capture, No Offence) as Harry’s sister Nicola and Rhashan Stone (Keeping Faith, Agatha Raisin) as mortuary worker Nathan Johnston.

RED Production Company (a STUDIOCANAL company) in association with Bright Pictures TV, Buddy Club Productions and Genial Productions. 

Episode 1

For Alice (Keeley Hawes), Harry (Jason Merrells) and their daughter, Charlotte (Isabella Pappas), moving into their new home should have been a dream come true. But it quickly turns into a nightmare when Alice discovers Harry dead at the bottom of the stairs. Harry designed the smart house, so it’s weird and wonderful, and one more disorientation for Alice on top of her sense of loss and abandonment. Alice’s beloved partner is no more, and now she can’t find the fridge.

Family should be a source of comfort, but Harry’s parents, Minnie (Gemma Jones) and Gerry (Kenneth Cranham), keep popping round uninvited. Whilst Alice’s own parents, Roger (Nigel Havers) and Sarah (Joanna Lumley), only seem to add to her list of problems.

With Harry gone and Alice struggling to cope, Charlotte is forced to bottle up her grief and be the responsible one. Especially when the police turn up asking questions about the night that Harry died. To make matters worse, more unexpected visitors start knocking on Alice’s door, and she begins to realise that Harry’s business debt wasn’t the only secret he kept hidden from her.

Episode 2

Meeting George (George Webster) leaves Alice shaken. He does look like Harry, but why didn’t he show up when Harry was alive? Before Alice (Keeley Hawes) can deal with that revelation, first she must arrange a funeral for the man she loved. Alice can’t bear the thought of Harry in a graveyard and finds herself at loggerheads with Minnie (Gemma Jones) and Gerry (Kenneth Cranham) over what Harry would have wanted.

Meanwhile the police continue to look for an unidentified witness captured on the CCTV of Harry’s fall. Alice and Charlotte (Isabella Pappas) decide to take matters into their own hands and come up with a plan to bury Harry at home. But Gerry detests the idea. He reminds Alice that they still need to sell the house to pay off the inheritance tax - and no one’s going to buy it with a fresh grave in the garden!

Alice ploughs on regardless, enlisting Nathan (Rhashan Stone) and his bereavement group to help with her unconventional plans. Despite all the obstacles the home burial is a success, but Charlotte drops a bombshell which leaves Alice with even more unanswered questions.

Episode 3

Charlotte (Isabelle Pappas) decides that she’s ready to return to school, but Alice (Keeley Hawes) feels lost without her and struggles to cope. Before the inquest into Harry’s death can go ahead the police must identify the mysterious figure on the CCTV. With George (George Webster) becoming increasingly evasive, Alice is forced to go behind his back to get the answers she needs.

Charlotte starts speaking about her grief to the school counsellor and encourages her mum to find some help of her own. She agrees to give Nathan’s (Rhashan Stone) bereavement group a try, but Alice isn’t convinced it’s the right fit for her, and the feeling seems to be mutual. She wants to be there for Charlotte, but Alice’s increasingly irresponsible behaviour starts to cause a rift between them. To Alice’s surprise, the whole family show up at the inquest to offer their support, and answers about the night that Harry died finally emerge. Harry’s parents might be welcoming to George, but their fragile truce with Alice is about to face its bigger test yet.

Episode 4

Alice (Keeley Hawes) is struggling to sleep, growing desperately short of money, and Gerry (Ken Cranham) has just accepted an offer on the house behind her back. In order to stop her home from being sold from under her, Alice must find a way to disrupt the sale and make big money fast. Whilst Charlotte (Isabella Pappas) gets to know George (George Webster), Alice uncovers a deed for land in Harry’s name and wonders if this could be the lifeline she’s been hoping for.

Tanvi (Ayesha Dharker) is quick to underestimate Alice and claims that the land is contaminated and worthless. But when Alice learns that she owns the other half of Harry’s business, she makes a deal to save her home and sell the flats right under Tanvi’s nose. Minnie (Gemma Jones) and Gerry are furious when the house sale falls through. How will they pay the inheritance tax now? For Gerry it’s the final straw, and Alice’s relationship with Harry’s parents seems to be broken beyond repair. A final ultimatum from Tanvi puts Alice’s new business savvy to the test, and leaves her thinking - what would Harry do?

Episode 5

Alice (Keeley Hawes) decides to reject Tanvi’s (Ayesha Dharker) offer - Harry would have wanted Alice to develop the land herself with the support of their family. But it’s not long before the land project is overshadowed, as Nicola (Sharon Rooney) blurts out that Alice is also hoping to try for Harry’s baby using the sperm that he mysteriously stored before he died. Everyone seems supportive. Apart from Charlotte (Isabella Pappas), who can’t help feeling like she’s not enough. And Sarah (Joanna Lumley), who thinks her daughter would be insane to have a dead man’s baby. So, when the fertility clinic reject Alice’s request, it’s Nicola who steps up and helps her acquire the deposit. Alice allows Nicola to move into the house and together they join the bereavement group on a bowling night out, but Alice soon ends up in a situation she clearly isn’t ready for. Whilst Charlotte and George (George Webster) grow closer, Alice still suspects it’s the inheritance money that George really cares about, and a recording on his phone could contain the answers she’s been searching for...

Episode 6

With a newfound confidence Alice is determined to develop Harry’s land, but can she solve her growing list of problems before trying for Harry’s baby? Alice (Keeley Hawes) needs to make enough money to save the house and find a way to mend bridges with her family. But when her parents’ marriage falls to pieces, Roger (Nigel Havers) decides to leave Sarah (Joanna Lumley) and becomes Alice’s latest uninvited lodger. With the house more crowded than ever, tension between Charlotte (Isabella Pappas) and Alice reaches breaking point and Charlotte escapes to Sarah’s for some peace and quiet. Hurt, frustrated, and unable to tick anything off her to- do list, Alice decides to organise a family celebration to bring everyone back together. A recording on George’s phone finally reveals his true colours and a new revelation forces Alice to confront Tanvi (Ayesha Dharker) with a difficult question. Alice still has a long way to go, but her relationship with Charlotte will prove stronger than ever and together they’re one step closer to saving the house that Harry built.