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Watch the entire new series of Marcella on the ITV Hub from 26 January 2021.

Series overview

Critically acclaimed Marcella, starring Anna Friel, returns to ITV for the highly anticipated third series.

Innovative and gripping crime drama Marcella from leading UK independent content production company Buccaneer Media is returning to ITV.

Created by internationally renowned screenwriter and novelist Hans Rosenfeldt and Nicola Larder, Marcella stars Emmy® award winner Anna Friel (Butterfly, Broken, American Odyssey) in the title role. Hugo Speer (The Musketeers, Britannia, The Full Monty) and Ray Panthaki (Away, Colette, One Crazy Thing) also return to the series whilst Amanda Burton (Waterloo Road, Silent Witness) joins the drama as the formidable matriarch of the Maguire family.

Following on from the dramatic conclusion of the previous series, the eight new episodes focus upon Marcella’s new life in Belfast as an undercover detective. She has taken on the identity of Keira and has infiltrated the infamous Maguire family, but as she investigates their activities, questions come to the fore about how much she has embraced Keira’s persona and personality and left Marcella behind.

In true Marcella style, the series has interweaving storylines with strands focusing upon the Maguires’ criminal operations. As she inhabits the character of Keira, Marcella’s quest for the truth puts her in danger and others in harm’s way. Her undercover role makes her take risks, but will her old life eventually catch up with her?

An array of new cast members are welcomed to the series including Amanda Burton (Waterloo Road, Silent Witness) who takes on the role of Katherine, the matriarch of the Maguire family; Aaron McCusker (Bohemian Rhapsody, Fortitude, Shameless) plays her son, Finn Maguire; whilst Hugo Speer (The Musketeers, Britannia, The Full Monty), who made a brief appearance in the final scenes of series two, reprises his role as Frank Young, Marcella’s undercover handler. Kelly Gough (The Fall, Broadchurch) also joins the cast, taking the role of Stacey, Katherine’s daughter; Martin McCann (Death & Nightingales, The Frankenstein Chronicles) plays Stacey’s husband, with Eugene O’Hare (The Fall, Death & Nightingales) as local police officer Eddie. Michael Colgan (X Company, My Mother and Other Strangers) plays Rory Maguire, whilst Paul Kennedy (Death & Nightingales, No Offence) plays Lawrence, Marcella’s initial contact within the crime family and Glen Wallace (River City, The Secret) is Matt, a past acquaintance.

Marcella is executive produced by Rosenfeldt, Buccaneer Media’s founder Tony Wood, who created the joint venture production company in partnership with global entertainment company, Cineflix Media, and Anna Friel.

The series is produced by Sue de Beauvoir and Amanda Black. The first four episodes are directed by Gilles Bannier with Ashley Pearce directed the following four.

Hans Rosenfeldt has written the first two episodes and story-lined episodes three to eight. The writers of these episodes are David Allison (Bedlam, The Case), Rachel Flowerday (Father Brown, The Moonstone) Mike Walden (The Frankenstein Chronicle), Matthew Thomas (The Chameleon, Valentine’s Kiss) and Tim Loane (Das Boot, Versailles).

The series was filmed entirely on location in and around Belfast. Cineflix Rights has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the series.

Episode 1

Marcella is working deep undercover in Belfast, investigating the Maguire crime family. She’s got a distinct new look but the faint outline of the scar on her face is still visible. Having started a relationship with Lawrence, the accountant for the business, Marcella is deep behind enemy lines as her alias Keira Devlin. The family business is run by matriarch Katherine and her two sons; the OCD suffering Rory and the tempestuous Finn. The daughter, Stacey, is heavily pregnant and married to reckless and dangerous Bobby who works for the business but has a secret drug business as a sideline. The family have a stronghold over the ports, trafficking drugs and people through the borders. They have deep pockets and control the local police. 

Wanting to ingratiate herself deeper into the family, Marcella informs the family that Lawrence is embezzling. Lawrence meets a grizzly end, but Marcella is now closer to the family and begins a relationship with Finn. 

Bobby, wanting to distance himself from the drug business before the family find out, violently assaults a dealer on the estate. Later, whilst in London, Bobby murders Isambard Grey at a nightclub, smashing a jeroboam of Champagne over his head during an altercation. DSI Rav Sangha is assigned the case. 

We meet 13-year-old Jessie, a young girl addicted to drugs and rebelling against the impending return of her imprisoned father Jack. Jack is serving time for the Maguire family, as a faithful henchman. 

When the bodies of 10 trafficked workers are discovered at the docks, politician Alexander Monroe declares war on the Maguire family. 

Episode 2

Rav heads to Belfast to investigate Bobby while Marcella delves deeper into the Maguires’ criminal world. Marcella shares information with Frank that leads to subsequent raids on the family businesses. They quickly suspect a rat…

On her way to meet Frank, someone recognizes Marcella. She recognizes him as someone from her past… Matthew Gaskill. Could her cover be blown? Frank wants to extract her, she’s too close to the family and it breaches codes of conduct, but Marcella insists she’s closer than ever. She promises to deliver the whole family to justice; it will be worth the risk.  

In London, Rav convinces a witness to reveal Isambard’s killer, sending him to Belfast to investigate Bobby Barrett. Rav arrives at Belfast police station, on the warpath. Eddie, the Maguire police informant, quickly warns Finn of his arrival and his interest in Bobby.

Finn is incandescent with Bobby, but Marcella offers up some advice to help the case, which only helps build trust with the family. 
Marcella finds that someone has pinned a sheet of music on her windscreen… later she discovers the music is the lullaby from baby Juliet’s music box. She begins to have nightmares about her former life, her past trauma closing in around her. She takes drugs to drown out the painful memories.

We meet Aaron, the drug dealer who has taken the helm on the estate. He sells Jessie some poorly cut gear that leads to a tragic ending. Aaron and his disabled brother are now in the firing line with Bobby and the law, but which is worse?
Bobby turns himself in, knowing that they’ve threatened the witness into withdrawing her statement, therefore exonerating Bobby as a suspect. Rav is furious, he knows he needs to stay in Belfast and investigate Bobby and the family he works for. His boss tells him that there’s another operation going on with an undercover operative…

Episode 3

The fallout from Jessie’s death ripples through the community as Jack is released after a long stint in prison. 

At the community memorial for Jessie, Rav learns that Marcella is the undercover operative. He’s shocked, he thought she was dead. He issues a warrant for the arrest of the Maguire family, a ploy to get Marcella alone in an interview room. The Maguires are hauled into the police station to be interviewed where Rav speaks to Marcella for the first time since the end of the previous series. Rav has mourned for her, he thought she was dead. He is torn between anger and his concern. He knows that the Maguires are dangerous and MARCELLA is not well, but Marcella is steely and composed… She is Keira.

Marcella receives a mysterious package at the Maguire mansion. Inside is a fob for a locker at the Metropolitan Arts Centre… Katherine is suspicious, and Marcella is dumbfounded. She heads to the gallery and finds a locker containing newspaper articles reporting on her death. Who knows the truth? 

As a bargaining chip, to get Alexander Monroe off their back, Katherine offers to find the dealer who sold Jessie the drugs. If she finds him, then Monroe will look like the hero. Not knowing this arrangement has been made, Bobby sets out to find Aaron and take care of it himself. Marcella tries to save Aaron’s disabled brother, Danny, but she’s too late. 

Episode 4

Marcella’s mental state is beginning to fracture when she discovers more clues being left for her. She tries to recall her training, to become Keira Devlin and let her past go. 

At the Maguire offices, the family are gathered in the boardroom for a war council. They need to do something about Bobby. So as not to hurt Stacey, they agree to send him away for a while. But as Marcella drives Bobby to the airport, their journey is intercepted by the police. Marcella slips into fugue.

Bobby is taken to a safe house with police officers Gilmore and Walsh, where he is asked to rat on the family in exchange for immunity. The family are furious and perplexed when Eddie tells them that Bobby wasn’t arrested by the police… someone else took him.

Katherine takes control back from Alexander Monroe once and for all, bringing Marcella to watch. To Katherine’s surprise, she is unfazed. It seems the Maguires’ brutality is truly beginning to seep into her. 

Marcella and Finn bump into Matthew. In a jealous rage, Finn punches him in the face. Now beginning to suspect the legitimacy of her past, Finn asks Jack to investigate Marcella… starting with Matthew Gaskill. 

Marcella returns to Lawrence’s house to discover a body. As she creeps over to the corpse, she realises that it’s a mannequin dressed in her clothing. Suspecting it’s a death threat, Marcella is terrified. 

Episode 5

Frank tries to placate a traumatised Marcella, who suspects he might be the one stalking her and fuelling her paranoia…

At the Maguire offices, Marcella tells Finn that she had a drug relapse to cover for her absence. He’s shocked but grudgingly accepts the excuse, perhaps realising he’s becoming more attached to this girl than he intended. Katherine tells Marcella they’ve found out definitively that Bobby was not arrested by the police. Either someone else did, or Marcella’s version of events doesn’t add up. She knows that someone is lying…

Realising she has to get to the bottom of who’s taken Bobby in order to clear herself of suspicion, Marcella investigates what happened to Bobby. She discovers that one of the men is on the disgraced police register. She sees her own face on the same database, along with Frank’s. It seems he has some skeletons hanging in his closet. 

Marcella stakes out Gilmore’s house and discovers the evidence she needs. She questions Gilmore under duress and learns who hired him to take Bobby. The truth will send shockwaves through the family. 

Marcella tells Rav the truth about Bobby so he can leave Belfast, his presence is compromising her work, so she tells him to stay away. He vows not to leave Belfast without her, but Marcella is unmoved, once again insisting that she is now Keira. 

Sensing a divide between the family, Marcella reveals to Finn that she can help him take control of the family and persuades him to tell Stacey the truth about Bobby. This revelation will cause a divide and place Finn at the head of the table. Her own life may be in danger, but she’s becoming the puppeteer of the Maguires’ world…

Frank has found Marcella’s stalker, so asks to meet her. Apprehensive she could be walking into a trap, Marcella arrives warily. But when Frank shows her footage of the person who left the newspaper clipping at the art gallery, the truth is worse than she could have expected.

Episode 6

We discover the origins of the Keira persona in flashback, and Marcella realises the extent to which the old Marcella is still haunting her. 

Frank finds a wretched Marcella in a London underpass (at the end of Series Two) 9 days after she found out she killed her own baby, Juliet. 9 days after she mutilated her own face and left RAV for dead. Frank persuades her to come with him to Belfast, to go undercover. 

Marcella begins her training. Frank puts her on medication and teaches her to forget the past, to work through her fugues and assume a new persona. She will become Keira Devlin and infiltrate the Maguire crime family. Marcella spots “Sally and Niamh” tattooed on Frank’s shoulders. When questioned, his cagey response rouses her suspicion. 

Back in the present, Marcella discovers a tattoo parlour receipt with curiosity – before realising with horror that she has a tattoo across her back… She has no memory of getting it and the wording could blow her cover. 

Katherine realises Stacey and her baby have disappeared from the hospital. On the phone, Stacey tells her mother calmly she knows the truth about Bobby – so she’s leaving the family. Katherine, refusing to lose the granddaughter she so desperately wanted, uses her control within the police to halt Stacey’s departure. Stacey reaches out to Marcella to help her escape the family… Will Marcella take the risk?

Meanwhile Marcella has received a mysterious text telling her to come to a hotel room. When she arrives and pushes the door open, she’s confronted by an investigation-style display of her old life as Marcella Backland. She thinks her stalker may be responsible, until she sees Rav enter the room. 

Episode 7

Marcella cuts ties with her old life once and for all as she engineers to become the centre of the Maguire family with Finn. Meanwhile Marcella’s old conscience continues to threaten her.

The hotel room display turns out to be Rav’s last ditch attempt to persuade Marcella to return to her old life. He uses her kids to appeal to her, but it falls on deaf ears. She can’t go back.

Finn offer Rory a deal: why don’t you and I run the company, without Ma? Rory refuses. So, Finn decides to humiliate his brother into submission. Rory will need to accept Finn is the boss from now on.

Marcella continues cutting ties with her past by turning on Frank, who she learns was using her for his own personal vendetta against the Maguire’s. The mission is now over, Marcella now has a new objective. She tells Matthew Gaskill to forget her, to forget the romance they shared as kids. He offers her the chance to escape and her head spins. 

Finn orders Eddie to kill Stacey, she poses a great risk to the family and must be taken care of. Marcella convinces Finn to call off the hit and Rav is able to intervene. In doing so, he discovers that Eddie is working for the Maguire’s. 

Marcella seduces Finn to take full control of the family, to take it from his mother. The shock of the confrontation causes Katherine to have a stroke. 

Episode 8

The fault lines Marcella has set in motion within the family reach crisis point.

Marcella wakes from a fugue in Finn’s car. Her hair is no longer the blonde hair of Keira, but the brunette shade of Marcella’s. She discovers something terrible in the boot of the car. Reeling, she tries to cover her tracks, but in doing so, she feels something change deep inside her – a piece of the old Marcella has returned.

She has decided it’s time to get out of the Maguire household – but when she calls Frank to extract her, she gets no answer. 

Marcella comes clean to Stacey and vows to get her and the baby out. 

Jack convinces Rory to look deeper into Keira’s past and eventually they discover the real Marcella Backland. Her cover is blown. 

Frank appears on the Maguire grounds, drunk, brandishing a weapon, intent on taking his own revenge on the family but suddenly he feels the click of a gun at his back, as Marcella runs through the grounds with Finn in pursuit – they hear “POLICE”! Rav, has returned to save his friend but is it all too late.

[end of series 3]


Marcella - ANNA FRIEL
Alexander Monroe - MARK AIKEN