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Cannonball Splash Hits

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    Sun 31 Dec 2017
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    6.50pm - 7.50pm
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    Week 01 2018 : Sat 30 Dec - Fri 05 Jan
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Cannonball Splash Hits
Brace yourself - Freddie Flintoff’s about to show you his wettest bits, as well the screamiest screams, the stingy-est splats and the very best belly-busting flops from a whole soaking summer of Maltese madness here on Cannonball. 
As well the very best, and the very worst of our contestants; the courageous and the clueless, Freddie’s got a few soggy surprises up his sleeve. And we’ll have all the most heroic attempts on the Cannonball cup - the prize all our contestants dream about… when they’re not having nightmares about what they have to do to win it.