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Series overview
Which familiar faces are set to return for the new series of Endeavour after the shocking and tragic events at the end of series II?
Falsely accused Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) was last seen isolated and alone languishing in prison, framed for the murder of Chief Constable Rupert Standish.
Endeavour had unearthed corruption at the very heart of the City Force but his investigation had taken a sinister twist.
What of Endeavour’s senior officer, DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), whose life was hanging in the balance after being shot in the chest?
Film One – Ride
March 1967. A funfair on the Cowley Green turns sinister when a young bus conductress, Jeannie Hearne, is spirited away into the night, seemingly without explanation. When her body is found the next morning in the thickets of the Oxfordshire countryside, brutalised and abandoned, the case is brought to the attention of the Oxford City Police.
DC Endeavour Morse isn't among their number. Instead, suspended from duty pending an enquiry, he languishes in self‐pity, bridling with anger over the findings of the Blenheim Vale case.
Based outside of Oxford's dreaming spires, he commingles with old college acquaintances ‐ chief among them the brutish Bruce Belborough and his mysterious wife Kay, with whom Endeavour forms an instant connection.
But when Jeannie's body tips up on their doorstep, the unexplained details prove too pressing to ignore, and Endeavour begins a covert investigation of his own.
All roads appear to lead to mysterious playboy Joss Bixby ‐ an enigma who masks deeper troubles with a cocksure persona and lavish, liquor‐soaked parties to match.
As other strands of the investigation begin to crystallise into focus, Endeavour must grapple with the shocking ramifications of a disturbing secret, hidden in plain sight.