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Ade In Britain

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    Series 2
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    Mon 04 Mar 2013
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    4.00pm - 5.00pm
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    Week 10 2013 : Sat 02 Mar - Fri 08 Mar
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‘You may be asking why I’m driving around the country towing a little caravan behind me. Well, I want to experience and celebrate everything that's great about Britain. From Cornish pasties to Kentish ales, from Morris dancing to sea shanties – I'm not saying that Britain is best, but I think it's in the top one’ – Ade Edmondson
Actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson is back for a second series of ITV Daytime’s Ade in Britain.
From ITV Studios’ production arm Shiver, Ade in Britain sees Ade travel the country sharing his own personal observations, wit and warmth with the British public - who teach him an array of traditional skills along the way. 
From Cornwall to Cumbria, Suffolk to Yorkshire, Ade travels the length and breadth of Britain in the 30 x ‘60 series. In each episode Ade drives to a different part of the country taking viewers into the heartland of its scenic beauty. With his mobile kitchen in tow, Ade meets the people at the heart of the community responsible for the food, drink and rich heritage that make each area so distinct. 
As well as investigating the legends and landscape of this historic country, Ade immerses himself in its unique local cultures - trying his hand at traditional pastimes including fly-fishing, cider making, basket weaving, glassblowing, mushroom foraging and haggis hurling. 
Ade in Britain is produced by Simon Paintin and executive produced by Sally Evans.
Episode information: 4 – 8 March 2013
Monday 4 March - North East
Actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson is back for a second series continuing his travels around Britain searching for foods and traditions that are uniquely British. He starts his journey in the North East where he heads out to sea to try his luck catching salmon and trout, learns the delicate art of glassblowing, and tries a true North East delicacy - Pease pudding and stotties.  Before he sets off on his way, Adrian cooks up a local recipe out the back of his caravan for a colliery band.
Tuesday 5 March - The Peak District
Actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson continues his journey around Britain hunting for regional foods and traditions.  Today he’s in the Peak District, as he steps onto the auctioneer’s podium at Leek Cattle Market, meets Britain’s last riddle and sieve maker, and learns about some distinctive looking local poultry.  Adrian treats folk musician Andy Cutting to a scrumptious local snack out in the British countryside. 
Wednesday 6 March - Berkshire
Comedian Adrian Edmondson makes his way to the county of Berkshire as he searches for British traditional foods, crafts and customs.   He mucks around with some Berkshire pigs, takes part in Hungerford’s ancient Hocktide celebrations and tries his luck at the delicate art of fly-fishing. Adrian then cooks up a much-loved regional pudding for a local silver band. 
Thursday 7 March - East Midlands
Adrian Edmondson is in the heart of England as he visits the East Midlands searching for unique British foods and heritage crafts and traditions.  He steps onto the factory floor to learn about Northampton’s shoe making past, meets a couple who produce a local colourful cheese, and cooks up a well known local soup for some falconers on Bosworth’s famous battlefields.
Friday 8 March - Suffolk
Comedian Adrian Edmondson’s journey around Britain continues, as he heads to Suffolk to explore the region’s unique British foods and traditional crafts.  He makes a visit to a cider making business, turns his hand to the art of silk weaving, and is taught a two-hundred-year-old method for curing ham, before producing a famous local stew for some hungry choral singers.