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    Mon 05 Mar 2018
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    Week 10 2018 : Sat 03 Mar - Fri 09 Mar
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Series overview
Jeremy Kyle returns for a new series investigating high-profile issues that impact on people’s lives - from drug-taking to acid attacks, and from body obsession to overstretched emergency services.
Each week, Jeremy and the Kyle Files team get to the heart of the matter as they work with the emergency services, film covertly, interview victims and confront protagonists to demand answers.
Episode 1
Cannabis: In this episode Jeremy investigates whether cannabis should be made legal in the UK. He goes out with the police on a dawn cannabis raid – witnessing police arresting a suspect at one address and finding a huge haul of marijuana plants at another house. He also interviews a police woman who admits that she gives her terminally ill son illegal cannabis oils, follows Jeff, who risks arrest by supplying the oils, and visits an illegal ‘cannabis cafe’.