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Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson

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    Sat 03 Mar 2018
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Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson
Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson talks to Piers Morgan about her extraordinary life and career in the latest episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. 
In this candid interview, the former Baywatch star opens up to Piers about her childhood, being a Playmate and her first Playboy cover shoot.
She talks openly about her romantic relationships and marriages, including her whirlwind wedding to rockstar Tommy Lee, their notorious ‘sex-tape’ and subsequent divorce. 
Pamela also talks about her relationship with Julian Assange, shares her passion for animal rights and veganism, and talks about her campaign against pornography.  
Actress and model Pamela Anderson spoke candidly to Piers Morgan about her extraordinary life for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. 
Revealing all about her first Playboy cover shoot, and her acting career including her role on Baywatch which plunged her into the limelight, the actress also spoke about her tempestuous marriage to rock-star Tommy Lee.
She spoke about their whirlwind romance and wedding, their now infamous sex tape, as well as Lee’s abusive behaviour and their subsequent divorce 
She also opened up about her other romantic relationships and marriages but refused to be drawn on the nature of her relationships with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Russian president Vladimir Putin. 
Pamela also talked about her animal rights activism, being a vegan and her campaign against pornography. 
On encounters with fans 
When asked whether she had had any weird fans over the years, Pamela said: “Yes, well there’s been dangerous ones as well, some people getting into my house and slicing their wrists and wearing my Baywatch bathing suit.”
Piers said: “This happened - a woman broke into your house didn’t she and for three days, while you were there with your kids, she was living in one of your guest rooms without you realising?”
Pamela said: “Right. My dad came, and I was preparing the room for him and there was a woman in there, she had bleach blonde hair and she was wearing my Baywatch bathing suit, tucked in bed. And she had written a letter saying, ‘I’m not a lesbian, I just want to touch you’. And she was wearing my bathing suit and the police got it from her and wanted to give it back but I said, ‘no, no it’s ok, you can keep that.”
“Terrifying, yes. It comes along with it, you just have to protect yourself and you have to be aware of it.”
On working on Baywatch
Piers asked Pamela if she had any idea how successful Baywatch would be, Pamela said: “No idea. I had no idea and we started travelling, we came to London first actually. My first time to Europe, came to London, and I remember paparazzi going crazy and running backwards and falling over themselves and I thought, ‘who’s here?’, looking behind me, ‘what’s going on, who’s here?’ I didn’t realise it was for us so then we realised, wow people are watching this show.”
Speaking about working with David Hasselhoff, Pamela said: “He’s very funny. He is a caricature of himself. He likes to gamble and we’d be doing a scene together and he’d be betting on sports and the phone would fall in the ocean…”
When asked whether she was ever romantic with Hasselhoff, Pamela said: “Oh no. No. Never, never.”
Piers said: “He must have tried surely?”
Pamela said: “The rest of the cast did but not David.”
On doing her first Playboy cover
Speaking about when she was offered the cover, Pamela said: “Well I called my mother and she said she’d do it. Straight away. It gave me the chance to get out of a small town. I had never been on a plane before. It was my first plane ride to LA ever and I landed on gay Pride day. I called my mum and I said, ‘not only do gay people exist, they walk around in hot pink shorts handcuffed together on floats’. I thought I’ve arrived, this is where I need to be, I feel accepted, this is me.”
Recalling her memories of the Playboy cover shoot, Pamela said: “Well they had to get it in the first roll of film because I was so nervous. I remember a woman touching my breasts, I was just so shy.
She said: “I was nauseous. Yes physically sick from nerves of a woman touching my boob. Now I love it! I really wanted to get over the shyness and it really helped because I realised as I was shooting in front of somebody, partially nude and no-one really cared. It just helped me with my entire life. It gave me self confidence but it also made me realise other people don’t care as much as you do about yourself. I was so critical of the way I looked and my body.”
She continued: “Girls are just really hard on themselves. The sexiest thing you can be is confident. No-one else is as critical as you are of yourself. And when you are really just free with your life, your body, it’s so much more attractive.”
Piers asked whether she was happy with the way she looked now, Pamela said: “I’m just as happy and just as unhappy I guess, but I’m a little braver. I’m a little more courageous when it just comes to you know, just being who I want to be.”
On being molested as a child
Pamela spoke about her experience of being abused by an older girl when she was a child. She said: “I had a babysitter and she molested me for, I think, a year and I was between the ages of four and eight, somewhere round there. But I remember wishing her dead and she ended up dying the next day at her graduation in a car accident and I thought, ‘ok now I’ve killed her, I’m magic, I can’t tell my parents about this and I’ve killed her’. So I started believing I had this special power to kill people and so I was scared to tell them that this happened and I was also scared to tell them that I killed her.”
When asked when she finally did tell her parents, Pamela said: “Years later, years later.”
On her relationship with Tommy Lee
When asked how she felt when Tommy went to jail, Pamela said: “Terrible. The reason this happened is because he was on steroids. I didn’t know that he was on steroids, he was trying to get bigger for me. He was always really skinny and he just changed. I didn't know what happened, I thought is he doing drugs? Is he doing something? What’s going on? He’d come after me with these black eyes. I didn’t know much about steroids and how it makes people aggressive but over time I found out that I think that’s what happened.”
Explaining how she first met Tommy, Pamela said: “I had a place called Sanctuary and I gave everyone a shot of Goldschlager  - it was for New Year’s and he thought I only given it to him so he came bounding over, wallet chains flying and sat down next to me and licked my face and then I licked my friend’s face and we all licked each other’s faces. 
She continued: “I don’t know -  he started it. We all started licking each other’s faces around the table. I wanted to leave and then Tommy chased me to the car and wanted my number and my girlfriend's looking at me (saying) ‘no, do not give your number’. So I instantly went of course I’m giving my number.
“Then I went to Mexico and I was with my girlfriend, and I alerted the hotel, if anyone with tattoos comes, do not let him near here. I was already on day three of my photoshoot and I [thought] I’m bored let’s call Tommy, what’s the worst that can happen.
“I knew it was probably bad but my girlfriend was saying, ‘no, no, no’ so I was saying, ‘yes, yes, yes’. Anyway he came to see me.”
Explaining how they then got engaged, Pamela said: “So then we go to a club and he took the ring off his friend’s finger and put it on mine and said, ‘do you want to get married?’ and I said, ‘sure’. We were married in four days. Because it took us that long to find a priest.”
Piers asked Pamela whether it had been the wedding she had always dreamed of, she said: “No. I remember calling my mother after it happened saying, ‘I’m married’ and she’s like, ‘to who?’ I said ‘Tommy’ and she’s like ‘who’s Tommy?” And she was so upset, you know this is one thing she’ll never forgive me for. But I invited her to all the other weddings.”
When asked what violence had occurred in their relationship, Pamela said: “I didn’t hit him at all. I had [hold of] Dylan and he took Brandon and ran out the door with him and I don’t know, it was something, I had to call 911 and then when he knew I did that, he smashed my head into the phone. It just got very ugly. I haven't thought about this in a long time but yeah, it was bad.”
Explaining why she called the police, Pamela said: “I did it because I really thought it was going to go further, I thought he was going to go further. He had no concept of who he was and what was going on and I had two babies there and I really thought he was going to, I don’t know, he could have killed me. I had no idea. I never felt like I had to call 911 in my life but you know even Tommy says that solitary time, getting sober and really learning a lot about himself and his limits was a good thing for him.”
The infamous Tommy and Pamela sex tape
Explaining how the sex tape came to be, Pamela said: “We filmed everything, Tommy and I would film everything and we were naked all the time. It was never a honeymoon tape just him and I being in love and doing crazy things and filming it, silly. I’ve never seen it, I don’t want to see it.”
When Piers asked whether Pamela had got any of the apparent $77m dollars revenue made by the tape,  she said: “Never, not a dime, never.”
On how she felt after the tape was made public, Pamela said: “We really just wanted to make sure our family was ok. The damage was done, it’s out and it was stressful for both of us and we just wanted to move on with our lives.”
“It was really devastating. It was accumulated, all this stress, we had a lot of stress and this really did not help our marriage.”
On sexual harassment scandal and Harvey Weinstein
Piers asked Pamela about an entry on her blog in which she says she says she wants men to still be able make the first move. He asked how this fitted in with the recent sexual harassment scandal.  
Pamela said: “Obviously I am supportive of women and feel for women that have been made sexual advances on that they don’t want, but I also feel for the men too. I have two young boys and I always was very worried about a woman falsely accusing them of something and ruining their lives so I thought people ask me if I’m a feminist and I don’t want women or men telling me how to be a woman. I prefer men to be passionate and aggressive and make the first move and you don’t want men to feel like they can’t, but obviously there are people that go too far.”
Speaking about Harvey Weinstein, Pamela said: “People, they just use their power I mean even Mr Weinstein I remember [him] calling me and he asked me to do a movie called Superheroes [Superhero Movie] and he wanted me to play an invisible girl and I had an invisible dog and I don’t believe in animals working on set and so I refused to do the film because he refused to let me do the scene with an ‘X’ on the floor. He wanted me to have a real dog and I said, ‘it’s an invisible dog, I don’t need a dog’. And I said I’m not doing it and then he just really said to me, ‘you’ll never work in this town again, I offered Pamela Anderson a role in a movie, are you crazy blah blah blah’ and lots of very harsh words. He scared me so much that I did the film because I thought, ‘Harvey Weinstein, oh my god this is like the most powerful person in Hollywood’. He was just a bully, very rude. Threatening. I did it out of duress.”
When asked whether she was pleased when she saw Weinstein’s downfall, Pamela said; “I guess so, I only know my own experience and that was bad enough. I think there was already common knowledge in the industry too that this was someone to be careful of, you just have to be careful.”
On her relationship with Julian Assange
Piers asked Pamela exactly what the nature of her relationship was with Julian Assange, she said: “I met him through Vivienne Westwood and she knew we’d get along very well and she thought it was someone important for me to meet and I wanted to ask him how I could be more effective as an activist. He’s obviously ruffled a few very powerful people’s feathers so when I met him we just got along very, very well and and I always wanted to support him so I bring him lunch, I bring him vegan lunches.”
When asked whether it was true Assange got sick from one of her sandwiches, Pamela said: “No I think he was sick but it was nothing to do with the vegan sandwich.”
Piers asked whether she would deny that she had any other kind of relationship with Assange, Pamela said: “Well I mean this is something I definitely... I think….”
Piers said: “It’s kind of yes or no Pamela. You either have or you haven’t, which one is it?”
Pamela said: “He’s a prisoner, it’s kind of difficult to have a relationship with somebody.  I adore him I think he’s fantastic and I love our time together but…”
When pushed again by Piers to confirm or deny a relationship with Assange, Pamela said: “No, I don’t want to talk about that. No." 
Piers: "No you don't want to talk about that, that's not a no you haven't, is it?"
Pamela: "You are so persistent."
Piers: "I'm just trying to get a straight answer out of you, you are an honest woman."
Pamela: "I am an honest woman, I’m too honest.”
Piers: "Would it be fair to assume if you had had no romantic entanglement you would have answered the question pretty straightforwardly? Would that be fair to assume?"
Pamela:  "No, you never know."
Piers: "Have you or haven't you?"
Pamela: “No, I don’t want to say this. 
"We’ll just leave it as we’re very good friends. Very good friends. 
"That’s it. That’s all I want to say.”
On her current relationship
Piers asked Pamela about her current relationship with French footballer Adil Rami, Pamela said: “He’s a very private person. I don’t know whether I should get into this one either, this one’s amazing. He’s fantastic I love him of course. It’s not complicated, I don’t know,  I probably shouldn’t be talking about this. I’m so bad, I have no filter. I’m so bad. You’re so good.”
On how Adil feels about Pamela going to see Julian, she said: “He doesn’t understand the…”
Piers said: “What’s really going on?
Pamela said: “No-one does. No he’s great.”
On her relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Piers asked how she had struck up a relationship with Vladimir Putin, Pamela said: “Well I wrote to him and asked him to stop the importation of seal products because this was 95% of the market and that could potentially shut down the Canadian seal hunt which is one of my big goals. So he did, he made it actually illegal to import seal products even into the country.”
Piers asked Pamela whether she ever spoke to Putin directly but Pamela did not reply. 
Piers said: “Not another one? Have I found number three? We’re not talking Adil, Julian and Vladimir I hope, are we? We are, aren’t we? Are we?
Pamela said: “No let’s not go any further with this one.”
Piers: Have you and Vladimir Putin ever...?
Pamela: “No but he wanted me to come to his inauguration and give him flowers I was going to give him flowers on his inauguration. No I didn’t do that. Obviously we have been in the same place together sometimes.”
Piers: "And?"
Pamela: "I hear in the audience [someone saying] ‘Jesus’. It‘s starting to feel surreal to me too. Am I lying, am I telling the truth, I don’t know?"
Piers: "Where are we going here?"
Pamela: "Where are we? Where are we, ok."
Piers: "We are in a studio and I am trying to ascertain exactly your relationship with President Vladimir Putin?"
Pamela: "I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes."
Piers: "Any relationship with North Korea? Kim Jong Un?"
Pamela joked: "No. Not yet."
On being vegan
Pamela also spoke about being a vegan and explained to Piers how a vegan diet was good for your sex-life. She said: “I call myself a naughty vegan. I’m a vegan but if there’s a croissant sometimes I grab the croissant. I’m in France.”
Continuing Pamela said: “It’s better for your sex life because meat makes you impotent. Notice, do you notice? Just think how much better it could be without the meat.”
Piers asked how much better could it be without the meat, Pamela said: “So much better.
“I think vegans have a better sex life for sure. Male and female.”
Piers then asked whether he basically needed to find himself a hot vegan, Pamela said: “Or just work on yourself.”
On campaigning against pornography
Explaining why she had campaigned against pornography, Pamela said: “I had a friend who has a daughter who was raped by a man who was addicted to pornography, a young man who had never had sex with anybody but went out hunting for people. I think there is a whole group of people that don’t even have sex with human beings, they are just addicted to pornography online.”
She continued: “I spoke at Oxford, I spoke at Cambridge on the subject and I had girls coming up to me with tears in their eyes saying ‘I don’t feel comfortable with my boyfriend behaving this way but I’m not cool if I say something [to him] and I don’t want to do the things he wants to do with me because he sees this in pornography’. And I said, ‘you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with’ and she said ‘thank you’, tears, ‘thank you so much because you saying this is different than a religious leader or a parent or something. You're saying this is even affecting your relationships.’ And I was very clear with my kids, I know they have probably seen a lot of things but I say, ‘this is not what love is, that’s not what love looks like’”