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The Story of Cats

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    Sun 06 Mar 2016
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 10 2016 : Sat 05 Mar - Fri 11 Mar
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A brand new ITV series, The Story of Cats, tells the story of the most popular pet on earth – the cat.
The series sets out to offer an eye-opening and entertaining insight into the relationship between big cats in the wild and our domestic pussycats and the feline species’ journey from the jungles of South East Asia to the African savannah and ultimately into our homes.
The Story of Cats features the passion and expertise of cat lovers from South African Kevin Richardson whose faith in his understanding of cat communication enables him to play with lions to the Brit who helps rear the rarest of cats in Thailand.
Focusing on the unique characteristics of different types of cat, from the speed of the cheetah to the sociability of the lion, the series demonstrates how similar our pets are to the fearsome big cats, in much of the familiar behaviour that fascinates, puzzles and amuses cat owners, including the sounds they make, the way they play and their hunting techniques.  The series also uncovers just how successful the species is at adapting even in the most extreme landscapes; be it the Hollywood Hills or surviving in temperatures of minus 40 degrees.  And, it will shed light on how domestic cats are still evolving and will in the future become less wild, and more mild.
In the first episode and for the first time ever, the programme compares the humble moggy with their big cat cousins, gaining surprising insights into the entire cat family. In Africa, lion whisperer Kevin Richardson proves how similar domestic pets are to the fearsome big cats and why there's more to feline communication than meets the eye. In the thick jungles of South East Asia, the series discovers which sabre-tooth wild cat has given tabbies their gravity defying climbing skills and in Namibia, shows how a strange looking cat called a caracal has given them the ability to jump over three metres and catch birds in flight, inspiring the phrase "put the cat amongst the pigeons". To truly understand the world’s most beloved purring pets, there needs to be an understanding of their wild relatives.
Martha Holmes and Grant Mansfield are Executive Producers for Plimsoll Productions. The series is produced by Plimsoll and THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET.