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Off Their Rockers

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    1 of 9

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    S3 2015
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    Sun 01 Mar 2015
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 10 2015 : Sat 28 Feb - Fri 06 Mar
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Britain’s most fearless and fun loving pensioners reunite to unleash their own brand of mischief and mayhem on the unsuspecting public, in the third series of hidden camera show Off Their Rockers. 
Celebrating the mantra that you truly are only as old as you feel, these cheeky OAPs hit the streets of Britain with misbehaviour in mind, playing a series of light hearted pranks and carefully crafted stunts. 
Hilarity ensues as their outrageous antics play out, and one thing’s for sure, the Rockers will always have the last laugh. 
With cast ages spanning 63 to 86, all of the old favourites are back, with a few new faces thrown into the mix. 
Off Their Rockers celebrates Britain’s brilliant senior citizens in all their eccentric glory, and proves that age really is nothing but a number. 
Rocker Rosemary Macvie is on the look out for one last man to break her marriage vows for - and asks some unsuspecting young girls for their opinion. But will she go with their celebrity suggestions or opt for the well presented OAP that's coming her way? 
Off Their Rockers