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    Sat 15 Mar 2014
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    Week 12 2014 : Sat 15 Mar - Fri 21 Mar
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Series two
Episode one: Comrades
Having recovered from her injuries suffered on the last mission, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) returns home just in time for her son Henry’s birthday party, and she and Philip (Matthew Rhys) try to restore a sense of normalcy to their family’s everyday “American” life. While Henry is just overjoyed to have his mom back (ostensibly from caring for a sick aunt), daughter Paige’s nagging suspicions about her parents’ curious activities have only continued to grow in her mother’s absence; her snooping reveals an unexpected discovery, and raises concerns for Philip and Elizabeth.
Later, what begins as a routine family outing takes an unprecedented turn when Philip is swept up in another KGB team’s operation and forced to break one of his own cardinal rules. When the relatively mundane op goes terribly awry, Philip and Elizabeth worry that they’ve put their cover identities at risk, revealed their network, and unwittingly exposed their children to unknown enemies with deadly intentions.
Meanwhile, as Philip continues to advance his country’s causes both in and outside of the U.S., the gravity of his actions begins to take a toll, the Rezidentura welcomes a new arrival from Mother Russia who has a questionable pedigree, and in the wake of the FBI’s botched operation their counterintelligence investigation hits a dead end, prompting Stan to try and regain some lost ground by heating up his relationship with Nina... but who is playing whom?