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Auf Wiedersehen My Pet

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    Mon 17 Mar 2014
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 12 2014 : Sat 15 Mar - Fri 21 Mar
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New to ITV Daytime, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will see pet owners who for genuine personal reasons have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. The current owners may be moving abroad or perhaps for medical reasons can no longer give their animal the attention it needs. They will be matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.
The 20-part series of hour-long episodes will feature a range of animals including dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs and parrots, and each programme will focus on one owner and their pet, as they are given the opportunity to meet potential new owners, get to know their families and see around their homes.
With invaluable help and advice throughout from animal experts, the owner will make an informed decision on the best new home for their much-loved pet.
Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will explore and celebrate the bond between humans and animals; following the tears of goodbye, and the joy of a new beginning as lives are transformed by pets. 
Rosie the Terrier - Monday 17 March
When dog warden Elizabeth picked up teddy bear terrier Rosie as a stray, she was delighted to give the little dog a loving home.  But Rosie’s increasing aggression towards fellow dog Pepper has forced Elizabeth to find a new home where Rosie can be top dog. A divorcee who loves to sing, a nightclub croupier and a newly retired couple are all keen to take on Rosie; but which of them will be able to cope with her irrepressible energy and love of creature comforts?
Skye the Horse - Tuesday 18 March
Kim always dreamed of competing with her lively five-year-old thoroughbred Skye.  But a back injury put paid to her dreams and now she needs to hand Skye’s reins over to a new owner who can give Skye the time, money and dedication she needs to help her achieve equine stardom. Three keen horsewomen all need to meet Skye to get to know her, but the sometimes-temperamental mare isn’t going to give them all an easy ride.
Summer, Oliver, Maggie and Poppy Guinea Pigs - Wednesday 19 March
Finding herself with four guinea pigs which her children have lost interest in, dog groomer Dawn has decided that her only option is to find the piggies a new home where they will get the attention they need.  So she’s hitting the road with Summer, Maggie, Poppy and Oliver to visit a prize winning guinea pig fancier who’s keen to add to her collection, a primary school where animal care helps the children’s behaviour and a graphic designer who wants to design the guineas’ deluxe new digs.  But Dawn’s primary concern is the health of geriatric guinea pig Oliver, who needs the best home to live out his days.
Missy the Dog - Thursday 20 March
After being abandoned in the past, Labrador staffie cross Missy suffers from separation anxiety.  Her owner freelance musician Naomi is facing an increasing workload and erratic schedule, and Missy just can’t cope with time alone.  Although heartbroken at parting with Missy, Naomi visits three families in search of a more settled life for her beloved pet: a couple who have recently lost their canine companion, a young family with a small child and a fire-breathing fairy who wants to take a dog on the festival circuit.  Naomi must decide which of these can give Missy the constant attention she needs to keep her happy.
Revisit - Friday 21 March
A chance to catch up on the four pets who were rehomed this week: Rosie the teddy bear terrier, Skye the temperamental mare, the four gorgeous guinea pigs Summer, Maggie, Poppy and elderly Oliver, and Missy the anxious Labrador staffie cross who hates to be left alone. How have they settled in with their new owners?