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The Bay

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    Wed 20 Mar 2019
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 12 2019 : Sat 16 Mar - Fri 22 Mar
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Episode 1
When Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong is assigned to a missing persons investigation, at first it seems like any other – tragic, but all too familiar.
As a Family Liaison Officer, she’s trained never to get emotionally involved. Her job is to support families during the worst time of their lives whilst also to be the eyes and ears of the police investigation; a cuckoo in the nest.
But there’s something very different about this particular case. With horror Lisa realises she’s got a personal connection with this frightened family; one that could compromise her and the investigation.
As she grapples to get justice for the grieving family, Lisa discovers it could come at a cost.
Morven Christie - DS Lisa Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong - Sean Meredith
Matthew McNulty - Nick Mooney
Daniel Ryan - DI Anthony ‘Tony’ Manning
Taheen Modak - DC Ahmed ‘Med’ Kharim
Chanel Cresswell - Jess Meredith
Lindsey Coulson - Penny Armstrong
Imogen King - Abbie Armstrong
Art Parkinson - Rob Armstrong
Tracie Bennett - Margaret Foley
Adam Long - Vincent Jackson
Simon Manyonda - DS Alexander Stewart
Philip Hill-Pearson - Ryan Foley
Martina Laird - Bernie Ward
Richard Huw - Tom Hayes
Jordan Misfud - Krzysztof Babakowski
Ellie Duckles - Hanna Babakowski
Ciaran Griffiths - Lee Ward
Louis Greatorex - Sam Hesketh
Roger Barclay - Councillor Hesketh
Darci Shaw - Holly Meredith
Noah Valentine - Dylan Meredith