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Saudi Arabia Uncovered - Exposure

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    Tue 22 Mar 2016
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    10.40pm - 11.45pm
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    Week 12 2016 : Sat 19 Mar - Fri 25 Mar
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Saudi Arabia Uncovered - Exposure
“No country is the perfect ally, perfect partner, without any reservations whatsoever.  So, you know, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the premier league.” - General David Petraeus, former CIA director
This new documentary in ITV's Exposure current affairs strand goes undercover to reveal the hidden reality inside one of the world's most secretive and strict Islamic regimes.  
Saudi Arabia is a key ally of the West, but with unprecedented access to an underground network of young activists, this film uncovers a society where opposition is beginning to find its voice.  
Covertly-shot footage sheds a light on largely unseen corners of life in the Kingdom, where media access is very strictly controlled. Revealed in the footage are prisons in chaos, poverty on the streets, and religious police enforcing fundamentalism. 
This undercover footage is combined with personal stories of those inside the kingdom, including activists for women's rights, and exclusive new interviews from senior British and American figures, to ask if it is time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia. 
This is a Hardcash production for ITV