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You’re Back In The Room

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    Sat 14 Mar 2015
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    8.20pm - 9.20pm
  • Week: 

    Week 12 2015 : Sat 14 Mar - Fri 20 Mar
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Welcome to You’re Back In The Room – a brand new primetime game show with a unique twist.
Hosted by Phillip Schofield we see a team of five strangers take on apparently simple challenges to win money but each of these contestants have been hypnotised. 
The contestants, each willingly open to hypnotic suggestion, will be hypnotised by International mentalist Keith Barry and seemingly straight forward tasks will get much harder as their hypnotic triggers cause them to inadvertently sabotage their chances of winning with hilarious consequences.
Phillip will be on hand as the contestants play four rounds, each worth an increasing amount for their cash pot.  The more they accumulate the more chance they have to each walk away with a substantial amount of money in the final End Game. 
Phillip Schofield said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be launching a completely fresh, brand new format. This series is totally original and unlike anything I’ve ever hosted before. From making the pilot, the contestants are undoubtedly the stars of the show; their reactions are bizarre, hilarious, completely unpredictable and always thoroughly entertaining.” 
How well the contestants overcome their hypnotic hindrances, will determine what cash prize they will walk away with.
The series was commissioned by Director of Entertainment and Comedy Elaine Bedell, ITV and Claire Zolkwer, Commissioning Editor, Comedy Entertainment, ITV.  The executive producer is Karen Smith and the series producers are Chris Lore and Marc Bassett, Tuesday’s Child.