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Scott & Bailey

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    Wed 03 Apr 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 14 2013 : Sat 30 Mar - Fri 05 Apr
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Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp return as the formidable crime fighting duo Scott & Bailey in eight new episodes for ITV by Red Production Company.
Episode short synopsis:
When a worried neighbour knocks on Janet’s (Lesley Sharp) door, she can only guess at the horrors to come. Meanwhile, newly wed Rachel (Suranne Jones) longs to be single while Janet realises her own marriage is over. 
Full episode synopsis:
A few months into her marriage, Rachel (Suranne Jones) is already struggling with the relentless proximity of living with Sean (Sean Maguire). Knowing that she is the one at fault, she would rather try and keep out of the way than confront the problem. Cheerful and sexy as ever, Sean is happy to embrace every facet of his new wife, including the door-slamming grump who comes through the door at the end of the day. 
Delighted with being back in her daughter’s life, Rachel’s mum Sharon (Tracie Bennett) starts to display the sort of behaviour that reminds Rachel why she was right to have kept her at arm’s length all these years. 
Janet’s (Lesley Sharp) home life isn’t plain sailing either. Having acknowledged that their marriage really is over, she and Ade (Tony Pitts) decide to put their house on the market, and stay living together until it sells. But even though Janet knows she doesn’t want Ade, she can’t help wanting a bit of what he’s got – a new love interest who’s putting a smile on his face. And the demands of her new role as ‘acting sergeant’ mean that juggling child-care has just got even harder.  
The story of the week starts very close to home for Janet, when a worried neighbour knocks on her door one night, concerned about the smell coming from a house down the road. What Janet discovers is the severed head of 75-year-old Eunice Bevan at the bottom of the stairs, her body at the top, and her bedridden husband Joe (George Costigan) upstairs, emaciated and barely able to speak.  Tracing Joe and Eunice’s relatives proves difficult, but when Rachel tracks down daughter Helen (Nicola Walker), working on a make-up counter, she seems strangely unmoved by her mother’s death. As Joe becomes more lucid in hospital, and Helen’s alibi starts to fall apart, she looks very much like our number one suspect. 
Cast list:
Syndicate 9
D.C. Rachel Bailey   Suranne Jones 
D.C. Janet Scott   Lesley Sharp 
D.C.I. Gill Murray   Amelia Bullmore 
D.C. Kevin Lumb   Ben Batt 
D.C. Ian Mitchell   David Prosho 
D.C. Pete Readyough   Tony Mooney
D.C. Lee Broadhurst   Delroy Brown 
Episode 1
Helen Bartlett   Nicola Walker
Joe Bevan   George Costigan
Sharon Bailey   Tracie Bennett
P.C. Sean McCartney   Sean Maguire
Adrian Scott   Tony Pitts
Dorothy Parsons   Judith Barker
Scary Mary Jackson   Judy Holt
Ginny   Rayna Campbell
Louise   Caroline Harding
Haydn McCartney   Harry Simpson
D.I. Brian   Marc Parry
Police Officer   Andrew Grose
Doctor   Ash Tandon