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River Monsters

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    Mekong Mutilator
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    Tue 12 Apr 2016
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 15 2016 : Sat 09 Apr - Fri 15 Apr
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A disturbing report from Southeast Asia, of something in the water that’s sliced cleanly through a young man’s testicles, is enough to lure ‘fishing detective’ Jeremy Wade to the shores of the Mekong – a river long renowned for its monstrous fish.
But what kind of river creature could have inflicted such a distinctive, surgical wound? 
In his quest to expose the unseen mutilator, Jeremy uncovers multiple victims who’ve been mauled, half-blinded, and even fatally wounded by the same mysterious assailant: a baby-faced killer that appears to be proliferating, and whose presence is turning parts of Cambodia into an aquatic minefield.