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Off Their Rockers

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    Sun 07 Apr 2013
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 15 2013 : Sat 06 Apr - Fri 12 Apr
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Proving that age really is nothing but a number, Off Their Rockers is a brand new hidden camera series that sees senior citizens turn the tables on unsuspecting members of the public in a series of hilarious and unexpected pranks. 
Uninhibited, unruly and often outrageous, these cheeky OAPs are hitting the streets of Britain on a fearless mission – to dupe the general public with an assortment of light hearted pranks, mischievous set pieces and carefully crafted stunts. The Rockers might not be getting any younger, but refreshingly they are having the last laugh….
Featuring an ensemble cast of gregarious golden oldies, ranging from 67 to 84 years old, our Rockers are determined to have a blast as they grow old disgracefully in this feel good new series. 
Off Their Rockers shows you should never act your age, no matter how old you are.   
Meet The Characters:
The Facebook Updater 
The Facebook Updater likes to ask people for help with his spelling as he updates his status on his mobile phone.  How does one spell diarrhoea?  Or that matter Haemorrhoids?  
Goodbye Hugo 
You could bump into Sonia and her beloved husband anywhere, at a bus stop, in a pub or even at your local fishmonger.  Be prepared to say a few words though when Sonia introduces Hugo in the form of an urn full of ashes as she gives him a final send off in the most inappropriate settings.
Pull My Finger 
This sweet old lady enjoys nothing more than eliciting the help of a stranger to quite literally ‘pull her finger’.  Most kindly helpers are surprised however when this action results in the sweet old lady breaking wind extremely loudly. 
The Licky Hanky Lady 
Remember when you were 5 years old and your Grandma would lick a handkerchief and then wipe your face with it?   Well Licky Hanky Lady just can’t help herself and insists on doing this to complete strangers even though they’re more like 25 rather than 5. 
Read My Text 
Well into her late seventies, this well spoken lady struggles to read very well without her spectacles.  So when she receives an important text message she asks a stranger to read it for her.  It could be a text from her grandson explaining that he really isn’t gay or her Doctor happily informing her that she’s pregnant – with twins!
The Recycler 
Our modern obsession with recycling is a concept this character has wholeheartedly embraced.  However she hasn’t quite grasped the notion of what can what can’t be recycled.  Which recycling bin should she put her collection of belly-button fluff in?  Paper and Cardboard or Food Waste?  Luckily there’s always someone who’s happy to help.
The Shopping Basket Thief 
This lady knows what she wants and how to get it.  Especially when she sees something tasty looking in someone else’s supermarket trolley.  To the bewilderment of the shopper concerned she simply helps herself to whatever that might be.
Sister Scooter Hooter 
This classically attired nun is permanently on a mission, but not necessarily one from God.  Seemingly always in a rush to get somewhere this elderly Nun has fitted an air horn to her mobility scooter and woe betide you if you find yourself in her way...a deafening blast of the horn and a few choice words await you if do.
Remote Control Scooter 
This unfortunate old feller seems to be forever dropping the remote control unit that operates his mobility scooter.  He can’t get up from the scooter and collect it himself so he asks passersby to pick it up for him.  The trouble is whenever they do so they press the wrong button and send him zooming off into the distance to dramatically crash into a nearby market stall or stack of baked bean cans!
The Naked Man 
This character is most likely to be found asking a member of the public to take a photograph of him doing something innocuous, whether it’s running around a corner, riding his scooter or trying on a new hat for his daughter’s wedding.  The surprise comes after they’ve agreed to help and he reappears for the photo opportunity completely naked.
The Bucket List 
This character is absolutely determined to do the things they’ve always wanted to do before they ‘kick the bucket’ and a little help from a member of the public is always required!  Whether it’s snake-charming in a shopping mall or skinny-dipping at the park, if you agree to help complete this ladies’ bucket list, you may live to regret it!
The Decision 
This competitive pair of old ladies are always arguing about something and the only way they know how to settle their ‘beef’ is by asking an unbiased and unsuspecting someone to adjudicate.  Who’s got the best tattoo? Who looks hottest in a bikini?  Which one of us would Harry Styles most like to snog...?  Decide if you dare.