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Give A Pet A Home

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    Wed 15 Apr 2015
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    Week 16 2015 : Sat 11 Apr - Fri 17 Apr
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Hosted by Amanda Holden and with the support of the RSPCA, a team of celebrity animal lovers will leave the glitz and glamour behind as they devote their time to finding a new home for the mistreated and abandoned creatures who arrive at Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham in Give A Pet A Home.
The celebrity volunteers taking part are: comedian Julian Clary, singer and TV presenter Peter Andre, former footballer and sports commentator Chris Kamara, Loose Woman Coleen Nolan, TV personality and former member of the Pussycat Dolls Kimberly Wyatt and Olympic Gold Medallist Denise Lewis OBE. 
After an initial intensive training period with the RSPCA, this heart-warming show will see the celebrity volunteers help the RSPCA staff care for, rescue and rehabilitate the animals at Newbrook Farm Animal Centre.  From the day to day feeding and mucking out to the drama of emergency call outs and rescues, viewers will see the celebrities thrown in at the deep end. 
At the heart of each show is the weekly rehoming appeal.  Every week the show will feature six new animals available for adoption, each championed by a different celebrity volunteer.  Chris has been working with horses, Peter and Julian have been working with dogs, Coleen has been fulfilling her life long dream of being a vet by working in the hospital, Denise has been working with rabbits and Kimberley has been working with the small animals including ferrets as they champion an array of animals in need of their forever home. 
Viewers will be able to apply to adopt the featured pets via the website and successful applicants will be featured on the following week’s show.   
Host Amanda Holden said: “I’m so delighted to be hosting this new series that will look into the amazing work the RSPCA do and hopefully we’ll be able to find some much needed new homes for the pets featured on the show. I am just going to have to stop myself from taking them all home with me!”
The RSPCA said: "The RSPCA rescues and rehabilitates thousands of animals every year, so its fantastic to be joining forces with ITV and a team of Celebrity Volunteers to help give even more animals a chance to find their perfect, forever homes. I'm sure the Celebrities and ITV viewers will have their heartstrings pulled as we see the stories of some of the amazing animals in the RSPCA's care."
The series was commissioned by Director of Entertainment and Comedy Elaine Bedell, ITV and Commissioning Editor, Entertainment Peter Davey, ITV.  It will be executive produced by Mirella Breda and series produced by Gerard Williams for Initial, part of Endemol Shine Group.
Q & A with Amanda Holden
What drew you to be involved with this series?
Amanda: It was a no brainer, I have been involved in a number of animal charities such as Battersea Dogs Home, PETA and Born Free so when it was offered, it was a job I was always going to say yes to.
What can we expect from the series?
Amanda: The series is going to show the every day work of the volunteers who help to rescue and rehome unwanted and abused animals. Although there will be some tear jerking stories along the way we’re also going to have a lot of fun watching the celebrities get stuck in. In the end it’s a show about happy endings – we want to unite as many pets as we can with new owners. 
Why should viewers get involved with the series?
Amanda: As Brits we are the land of the underdog and the land of pets, I think we really appreciate the loyalty and the love animals give back. It’s only a small minority of people who mistreat animals whereas the majority I hope will watch it and think they can give something back by giving a pet a home. It’s not just cats and dogs it’s horses, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds anything really and you’ll see how everything within the RSPCA operates from the ground up. I just hope that every week we’ll have a happy ending and we find lots of homes for otherwise unwanted animals.
When did you become such an animal lover?
Amanda: I think it’s really important wherever possible for children to grow up with animals. It teaches you so much about life and death and responsibility and I grew up with pets from rabbits to cats to dogs and I’ve been around horses. I was lucky as I was bought up in the countryside so I was fortunate that I was in a place where I could spend a lot of time with animals. I’m also a vegetarian so I’m quite soft hearted when it comes to any animal related issues so I think a love of animals is just in my blood.
Why as a nation do you think we are such animal lovers?
Amanda: I think we appreciate love and loyalty, I think we’re getting better as a nation but I think a lot of people still find it hard to hug people or say I love you, but with cats and dogs we’re able to express our emotions much more freely, they give us love and we give it right back. 
Do you have any pets yourself? If so tell us a bit about them.
Amanda: I have a Yorkshire Terrier Jack Russell cross, called Rudie, who is absolutely gorgeous and we’ve had him since he was a puppy. He’s incredible around the children, he was only tiny when I had Holly and he’s just really patient sweet and loving, he’s almost more like a cat as he just follows me everywhere. Literally when I am on the loo, I have both children, the cat and the dog in with me chatting away, I am never alone in my house. And we have a Siberian big fluff ball of a cat called Muffy. She’s fantastic and quite a diva.
Have you been tempted to adopt any of the animals you’ve seen so far?
Amanda: The only downside of doing this job is that it’s going to be very hard for me not to take things home. My daughter is currently saving up for a rabbit hutch because I have promised her in a few months that she can have a rabbit and I know there are 3 little baby rabbits that need homes. I am worried I might bring one home, but Chris has threatened me with all kinds so I am under strict instructions not to come back with any animals!