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Romeo & Duet

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    Sat 16 Apr 2022

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    7.00pm - 8.00pm

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    Week 16 2022 : Sat 16 Apr - Fri 22 Apr

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  • Published:

    Wed 06 Apr 2022

Romeo & Duet

Oti Mabuse has swapped glitter balls for Cupid’s arrows as she takes the reins of ITV’s brand-new dating show Romeo & Duet, created, and produced by Goat Films.

With her irresistible warmth and enthusiasm Oti leads the musical matchmaking as single love seekers stand on a breathtaking balcony and are serenaded by potential love matches that they can hear, but not see. 

The seven-part prime-time series gives its singers just one song to entice a singleton down from the balcony. Only then will the two come face-to-face for the first time. 

The newly formed couple will then head off on a duet-date to learn a duet, before returning later in the show to perform that number in the ultimate romantic love battle; a singing competition against the other couples to be crowned the winners.

The crowd’s chosen couple then get whisked off for another date to see if love can truly blossom. 

Throughout the series Oti is joined on stage by musical director Vikki Stone and her sensational live band Vikki Stone & The Heartbeats, who provide the perfect soundtrack for each sizzling performance. 

Romeo & Duet is produced by Goat Films, it is being Executive Produced by Mel Crawford with showrunner Christian Fletcher. Romeo & Duet was developed from an original idea created by Ivor and David Baddiel. It was commissioned by ITV’s Joe Mace, Commissioning Editor Entertainment, and Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning.

Oti Mabuse - Romeo & Duet press pack Q&A

How would explain the show to someone who hasn’t seen it?

“It’s a fun dating show that is crossed with music and singing. Contestants come on hoping to find love, and they also have a love for singing. It’s the perfect entertainment show for the whole family.”

How does it feel to play matchmaker on a brand new series?

“Very exciting. You can hear how excited I am by my voice, it’s so exciting. It is a new challenge for me and I’ve learnt so much. I love taking on new challenges. It just felt great.”

Are you a matchmaker at heart?

“I really love to, but nobody listens to me. I’ve tried to matchmake a lot of my friends that are single and they’re like, ‘Absolutely not!’ I try all the time.”

What’s the biggest appeal of this series?

“I think it’s people coming together for a common love. The common factor is love. It was nice for me to see how the audience actually got into it and were really supporting the contestants and wanting them to come down the stairs. [They wanted] the screen to open and [see them] sing a great duet.”

Do you personally have a go-to romantic song?

“All music. All music for me! What is my go-to? I’m a big Toni Braxton fan.” 

If you were looking for love would you give a programme like this a go?

“I cannot sing! [But] the thing I love about this show is it’s not about singing. You don’t have to have a great voice, you just have to connect with the person that you’ve matched with. It’s not a talent show. It’s just coming together and having a good time.” 

The show takes its lead from Romeo & Juliet and Verona. But where do you think is the most romantic place on earth?

“Rome, for me it’s Rome. Walking in Italy and just finding the little small restaurants and having the best pasta or pizza. Taking a walk at night where you see all the monuments and the Colosseum and lights. Going to the Trevi fountain! I did a musical about Verona – Kiss Me Kate!”

How confident are you that the contestants will find love on Romeo & Duet?

“I am confident. Not all of them do find love [but] some of them you can genuinely see it through the screen. We could feel it, definitely, when we were watching and just experiencing the whole thing. [We could tell when] they had the most chemistry and that they’re going to get on really well.”

What was your favourite moment while filming?

“There’s one couple and the screen opened and the guy was still singing and the guy that came down the stairs was so excited. They didn’t even wait, they just ran up to each other. The two gentlemen were just literally looking at each other and singing. I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Loved it. I think it’s really nice when they come on and they show their personalities.”

Were there any unexpected music choices?

“One thing I learned on the show is that the song really shows off your personality. If I’m into rock and you sing R’n’B I know we might not match. In the morning we’re not going to listen to the same song, so we’re not compatible that way. It’s something they already have in common.”

How did you find working with the audience?

“It was my first time hosting in front of a live studio audience. It was the best feeling. They were just so excited to be there. They couldn’t wait. The audience is such a vital part of the show as they’re saying, ‘Come down!’ because they can see both people – or they’re like, ‘Stay where you are’, or they’re confused. And when you’re doing your duet they are voting. In another way they became my co-stars. It was just so special and amazing.”

How does it feel to have the role of host? And any other unfulfilled ambitions for this year?

“Everything is an unfulfilled ambition for me! Literally everything. I love Romeo & Duet. When I’m presenting or hosting, I always wanted something where I can connect with people and communicate and get to know them. I was getting to connect with them and that’s what I really wanted. It’s been a great experience. I loved being able to ask the contestants questions as well, when they came down, saying, ‘Why didn’t you come down?’ or ‘Do you have regret…’. Reading links and trying to do the whole thing, concentrating and to not look like you’re super stressed. I loved everything about it. I was so happy going home every night after every show.”