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Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Animals - India

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    Tue 25 Apr 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 17 2017 : Sat 22 Apr - Fri 28 Apr
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Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Animals - India
“I’d recommend India, it's a great place. Don't be like me and leave it too long, seriously…and I still haven't had a bad gut. Been letting off a lot!” Paul O’Grady
In this new two-part series, Paul O’Grady heads to India for the first time in his life, to rescue and rehabilitate some of the country’s vulnerable wild animals and experience the jobs of the keepers and conservationists who are looking after them.
Filming at various locations across India, Paul meets extraordinary animals - old and young – who are in desperate need of care, both within sanctuaries and in their natural environments. 
Following in the footsteps of ‘Animal Orphans’ and the award-winning ‘For the Love of Dogs’, Paul is ready to roll up his sleeves like never before and immerse himself in the action-packed care of these astonishing creatures, prepared to go to any lengths to offer a helping hand. 
Thanks to his unique ability to emotionally connect with the good, the bad and the ugly of the animal kingdom, For the Love of Animals - India promises plenty of laughs along the way, plus some inevitable tears.
In this first episode, Paul arrives in India and dives straight into a rickshaw to experience the crazy traffic, the sights and sounds of city life in Northern India. He’s there to help animals, and his first stop is an elephant sanctuary south of Delhi, where he meets Lakshmi – an obese elephant. She’s too heavy to walk to the river, so Paul’s job is to give her a shower, soaking everyone in the process. 
Paul says: “Lakshmi still has to lose over 100 stone to get to her goal weight of 550…one day at a time, hey, Lakshmi!”
Down the road from the elephant sanctuary, Paul’s heard about a baby monkey, and he’s desperate to meet him. Jackson has a problem with his back legs, so Paul becomes his masseur – with the hope being that in time they’ll be able to stimulate his legs to move. 
Next, Paul returns to the elephant sanctuary to meet Mohan, who spent over 50 years chained up – he’s in a bad way and it’s really upsetting for Paul, who says: “All those pink areas are scars and he has huge abscesses on his legs…it's too upsetting for me…I’ll have to take five-minutes.”
To cheer himself, and Mohan, up, Paul gives him a pedicure – filing off his overgrown nails. To finish off the day he encourages Lakshmi to go for a walk.
Later, Paul travels over 1000 miles east, to Assam. He arrives in time for a beautiful sunset boat trip, where he learns about the flooding, and why the animals here need help.
There, Paul meets nine baby rhinos, and learns they’re having trouble going to the toilet – so he helps them loosen up! He also notices a rhino that always seems to be alone, Bagori, who had a traumatic rescue. 
Also in this episode, Paul visits a local plantation to have a go at tea picking, and is awe-struck to meet a very rare animal up close - a clouded leopard.