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Paul O’Grady For the Love of Dogs: India

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    Thu 26 Apr 2018
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 17 2018 : Sat 21 Apr - Fri 27 Apr
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The clip is from episode one and features Paul rescuing a litter of puppies from almost certain death, having been born under bramble bushes in the grounds of the beautiful Lodhi Gardens. The undergrowth is teaming with rats which could bite and infect them at any time if they are not quickly moved, along with their very protective mother.
Episode 1
Paul O'Grady travels to Delhi to meet the heroes who look after the city's estimated 400,000 street dogs.  Having fallen in love with India on a previous trip, Paul returns to explore the country's relationship with dogs and help the wonderful people who care for and look after the sick and abandoned canines most in need.
In this four-part series, Paul rolls up his sleeves like never before, as he helps the team at Delhi's top dog shelter deal with the fifty sick and abandoned dogs that arrive through their doors each and every day.  From puppies involved in cars accidents, to old timers with chronic arthritis, Paul is on hand to nurse these waifs and strays as only he can - with sensitivity, compassion and good humour.
On arriving in Delhi, Paul heads to Friendicoes, the city’s oldest dog shelter which opened in 1979.  Whilst the majority of arrivals are street dogs, more western breeds are starting to turn up, some of which have been imported from Britain, as they become more fashionable in India.  
Paul meets Tandrali who is caring for miniature golden retriever cross, Golu.  Golu was found outside the shelter tied to the bumper of a car and anxiety at her mistreatment has caused a stress disorder, which leaves her constantly chewing at a wound on her paw.  The vet at the shelter confirms it is inflamed and Tandrali knows she must help Golu to stop chewing the wound if she has any hope of healing.  
The majority of dogs at the shelter are hopefully short-term clients but some residents enjoy permanent free reign of the park just outside.  Street dogs are pack dogs and territorial about their home.  Pia, a canine behaviorist, is trying to win the trust of a new dog in the park who has been abandoned and is terrified of the others around him.  
Once collected, Paul meets him in the shelter and helps to name the nervous dog Arthur.  He is horrified to learn that Arthur has Parvo Virus, a dangerous viral infection which causes loss of appetite and severe dehydration.  Dogs in the UK are vaccinated by their owners but there is no such protection for Delhi’s street dogs.  Arthur is put on a course of antibiotics and everyone hopes for a speedy recovery.  
Hopping on the back of a motorbike, Paul heads through Delhi’s frenetic streets to the one oasis of calm in the city, Lodhi Gardens.  The gardens are home to stunning architecture dating back to the 15th century and over 50 wild dogs.  Paul meets history teacher Mala, who comes to the gardens every day to feed the dogs.  Mala introduces him to a nervous dog who has just given birth to a litter of puppies in a nearby bush and is zealously guarding them.  Paul and Mala know they must help to get the puppies out of the undergrowth, which is teaming with rats which could bite and infect them.  
Mala lures the hungry mother away with food, while Paul rescues the puppies with the help of the park guards.  Together they relocate the family to one of the empty temples and when Mala goes back to later to check on their progress, she is delighted to see they have settled into their new home.  
Back at the shelter, Arthur is eating again and playing with some of the other residents.  He is clear of Parvo Virus and it’s time for him to settle somewhere permanently.  As a pack dog, he is not suitable for a family, so he joins the group of dogs who reside in the park next door and soon settles in with his new friends. 
Nervous Golu has been on a course of medication for her paw and given a huge dose of love and affection to stop her chewing at the wound.  Paul helps to give her a medicated bath so she looks her best when attracting a new owner.  He jokes that he can think of a new home for Golu but that it’s far away, in England!  
Luckily Sheeba and Amanda soon visit the shelter and decide that Golu will make the perfect companion for their rescue dog, Tinkerbell.  Within a couple of weeks, Golu is loving the company of her new family and her anxious days are behind her.  Her habit of chewing her paw has stopped and the wound has healed well.  
Paul is grateful that a network in the community help the street dogs in Delhi, many of which would not survive without the food and care given to them by local residents.