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The All New Monty: Who Bares Wins

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    Mon 06 May 2019

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    9.00pm - 11.30pm

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    Week 19 2019 : Sat 04 May - Fri 10 May

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    Wed 24 Apr 2019

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The All New Monty: Who Bares Wins


“I’m a little bit apprehensive, I’ve got to be honest. The fact that I’m not as well hung as I’d like to be, is another reason!” Willie Thorne


“The reason I’m here is my dad has prostate cancer. He said, ‘You’ve got to go and do it, if you can get your willy out on telly, go and do it and I’ll be proud of it’.”  Joe Pasquale


The shows with the most front on British television are back and more ballsy then ever for 2019! Alexander Armstrong and Ashley Banjo are once again joining forces to persuade a brand new line-up of celebrities to take to the stage and bare all for the biggest and most daring extravaganza yet, all to raise awareness of the importance of early health checks in preventing prostate and testicular cancer.


The BAFTA nominated 90-minute special sees Love Island winner Jack Fincham, Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher, King of the Jungle Joe Pasquale, Strictly Come Dancing’s Gorka Marquez, snooker legend Willie Thorne, Crimewatch’s Rav Wilding, Dancing on Ice star Matt Evers and ex-Chelsea footballer Jason Cundy prepare to put on their dancing shoes and take off their thongs.  All of them have stories to tell about how cancer has touched the lives of them or those around them. 


The men need to up their game after hearing the women are planning their own extravaganza, so Alexander and Ashley pull out all the stops to marshal the men through their moves and whip them into shape to perform a frenzy-inducing striptease. They hope to build on the impact of last year to keep key health messages about regular checks for testicular and prostate cancer at the forefront of the nation’s minds.


Former premiership footballer Jason Cundy explains: “I’m doing this because I’ve had testicular cancer and I’ve been there. I’ve survived. When I had the call to come and do this it was a very easy decision to make.”


TV presenter Rav Wilding says: “My dad’s got prostate cancer and I want to raise as much awareness as possible and if it means taking off my clothes, then that’s what’s got to be done.”


Ashley and Alexander gather the class of 2019 together to see if they are up to the challenge ahead, having organised a little ice-breaker, literally - by taking the men to a nearby ice rink and challenging them to shed their inhibitions, by ripping off their trousers on skates.


Jack says: “I’ve just skated around on the ice in my pants. I mean if you did that anywhere else you’d be kicked out.”


Kelvin says: “I can’t believe I’ve danced around in my thong already. Day one! What’s day two going to be like?!”


Blown away by their early confidence, Ashley takes them to a gym in East London to unveil the brand-new upscaled routine for the very first time and to introduce a new member to the team, Strictly professional Gorka Marquez. After seeing the complexity of the choreography and athleticism required, Gorka quickly realises his current back injury means that he is going to have to pull out and Ashley is left with some big shoes to fill.


During the rehearsal Willie tells Alexander how watching The Real Full Monty two years ago resulted in his own diagnosis of prostate cancer, which he is still being treated for: “Two years ago I watched the first programme and saw everybody take their clothes off and I thought gee wizz I better have a little check-up. I had a routine blood test and had to go in again. I know what cancer does because I lost my brother six years ago and now I’m thinking am I going to go through the same thing?”


Willie’s diagnosis came at a bad time and he emotionally explains how it coincided with a serious gambling addiction that resulted in severe bouts of depression. He is now determined to get the message out for others to go for early checks.


Meanwhile, Ashley has a new recruit to add to his squad, as comedian Joe Pasquale arrives at the rehearsal to meet the team and get up to speed with the routine.


Joe explains: “The reason I’m here is my dad has prostate cancer. He said, ‘You’ve got to go and do it, if you can get your willy out on telly, go and do it and I’ll be proud of it’.” 


“It’s a weird thing knowing he’s not going to be around for much longer. I don’t think I’ve accepted it as much as I thought I had done…They have stopped his medication because they can’t do much for him. I don’t want to see him suffer any more.”


Alexander decides it is time to step up the performance factor by booking the boys seats at the Magic Mike stage show, the perfect place for them to pick up some tips for taking their clothes off in front of a screaming audience. It certainly proves to be an eye opener for what lays ahead and the men are inspired and horrified in equal measure. 


Meanwhile Ashley is relieved to find the perfect replacement for Gorka, Dancing on Ice professional Matt Evers, who arrives prepared to help push the boys to the next level. 


Matt says: “I kind of have a little bit of a secret, I’ve always wanted to be a stripper but now that this is a reality, it’s a little bit like, ooh, be careful what you wish for!”


To help motivate the boys during another tough dance rehearsal, one woman shares her story of losing her husband to prostate cancer. The story strikes a chord and both Jason and Willie are moved to tears and reminded of their own struggles and the importance of the message they are trying to get across by taking part. 


With the final performance looming, Ashley takes the boys to a Bingo hall for some surprise audience research to test out costume ideas. Donning outfits from sheriffs to builders, firemen to secret agents, they do their best to impress the crowd, with some very enthusiastic reactions from the bingo regulars. 


Determined to make this year’s final performance the most epic and impactful yet, Ashley and Alexander also meet with a group of men who share their own stories of being diagnosed and treated for prostrate and testicular cancer. 


Afterwards Ashley says: “It really is powerful seeing those men sitting in that room and just summarising the reason why we’re doing this. I think that we need to bring them into the fold. We need to include them and make them part of this whole show.” 


With the new costumes having arrived and after a quick fitting, Ashley and Alexander have another surprise in store, they have arranged for the boys to return to Magic Mike and take to the stage themselves, to perform their own routine with an audience for the very first time. The announcement doesn’t go down very well and Ashley is forced to call a break to get the boys back onside.


Rav says: “We’ve been there, we’ve seen it. That’s a bear pit in there, I’m sorry, I don’t want that.”


Jack, Joe and Jason decide some personal grooming is in order in preparation for their unexpected dress rehearsal and shyly head to a beauty salon together for a spot of intimate waxing, only to be left screaming in agony in the hands of the bemused beauticians.


As the frenzied Magic Mike audience arrive at the Hippodrome theatre, the boys get psyched up for the dress rehearsal and suddenly feel alarmingly unprepared. After a shot of brandy for dutch courage, they take to the stage for a leap into the unknown. 


Jack tells them: “We’re doing this for a great cause, we’re pushing ourselves to the limit. We’re doing stuff we would never normally do. Let’s do it well!”


Ashley admits: “This is tough today, I’m not going to lie. The proximity to the audience is so close and it will really put them off. I think this is going to be a miracle if they can pull this off today.”


But with the dress run under their belts, the big day soon arrives and the men prepare backstage at Alexandra Palace for their moment of truth. The pressure is on to see who can overcome their nerves and reveal all to a huge live audience in a bid to help save lives. It’s showtime!


Produced by Spun Gold Television for ITV.