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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

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    Wed 08 Jan 2020

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    Week 02 2020 : Sat 04 Jan - Fri 10 Jan

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    Thu 12 Dec 2019

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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

Series overview

“I think what I need to do now, is rearrange my internal organs back to their rightful place.” Bradley Walsh 

“I can hear him screaming through the snorkel!” Barney Walsh

Actor and presenter Bradley Walsh and his 21-year-old actor son Barney are hitting the road together once again for a brand-new six-part series of the hit ITV show, Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad. 

Just over a year ago, Bradley was dragged kicking and screaming on an epic road trip across America by his son Barney. They might be father and son but when it comes to travelling they remain worlds apart. As Bradley approaches his 60th birthday he is keen to relax, while Barney wants to live life a little more on the edge and takes the lead in planning another adventurous trip that his dad will never forget. 

Bradley and Barney ended series one in the deep South, so where better to start their next epic adventure than at the southernmost point of the continental USA: the Florida Keys. With a route that will take in Florida, Georgia and then head north through the East Coast states, the trip promises more thrills, spills and excessive adrenaline levels thanks to a spot of shark diving and the lure of white-water rafting.

Episode 1

In episode one, Bradley and Barney are back on American soil in the Sunshine State of Florida and Bradley is tentatively behind the wheel of their massive new RV, complete with its surprise customised ‘BRADNEY’ number plate. After immediately taking the wrong route, anxious Bradley claims: “This just seems a little bit wider than the other one Barn…we’re back on the road son!” 

Key West in Florida was home to one of Bradley’s favourite writers, Ernest Hemmingway, so first on the agenda is a trip to his favourite bar, Sloppy Joe’s in the Historic District. Bradley tells Barney: “You can’t come to Key West and not go to Sloppy Joes. And of course, now you’re 21, in America, you can have your first drink! I’ll buy you it!”

The saloon is now a living shrine to its most famous patron and it’s mojitos all round, once Barney has shown his ID of course. Bradley can’t resist the chance to join in with the local Hemmingway Lookalike Society and dress up as his hero, complete with a full white beard. Horrified Barney says: “You look like a dirty Father Christmas.”

Next the duo head 250 miles north on the overseas highway to Jupiter, a beautiful beach town on the Atlantic coast, where Barney continues his quest to convert his old man to a thrill-seeking adventurer by announcing they will be paying homage to a Hemmingway classic about an old man fighting a shark, by going shark cage diving. 

Bradley doesn’t react well: “I ain’t going in no shark cage and that’s the end of that. I’d rather jump out of another plane. They’re sharks! Their job is to be dangerous! What do you do? I’m a shark. What do you do for a living? I’m dangerous. That’s the end of it.”

The waters around Florida have one of the highest concentration of sharks in the world, including some of the largest species like Tiger Bull and Great Hammerhead sharks. The current record is a 12.5-foot Tiger shark weighing over 1000lbs.

After the small and slightly terrifying matter of signing his life away on a safety disclaimer, Bradley and Barney take to the water and meat is thrown overboard as bait to entice the sharks, before the pair climb into the underwater cage together. 

There is a false start as Bradley yelps in fear at the sight of a large tuna fish, before the real thing arrives - a Bull shark with the strongest bite of any shark species. Barney laughs: “I can hear him screaming through the snorkel!”

Bradley clambers back on board: “Get my anxiety pills ready…That’s not for me mate. Best thing for fish is on a plate, next to some chips.” 

It’s another sunny day in the Sunshine State and the Walsh’s are on route to Lake Ida on Delray Beach for a spot of hydro flight waterjet boarding. The hydro boards use jets of water to propel the rider up to 49 feet in the air. But Bradley quickly learns that getting it up is not as easy as it looks... 

Afterwards Bradley says: “I think what I need to do now, is rearrange my internal organs back to their rightful place.”

To recover, Barney takes Bradley back to his comfort zone and they drive to the oldest city in the US, St Augustine, home to nearly 50 retirement homes. After meeting the locals, Bradley finally gets his way with a gentle singsong and some peaceful fishing by the stunning lake at sunset.

Produced by Hungry Bear Media for ITV.