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The Cruise: Return to the Mediterranean

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    Thu 11 Jan 2018
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 02 2018 : Sat 06 Jan - Fri 12 Jan
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The Cruise: Return to the Mediterranean
With unique access to one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships, the Royal Princess, this six-part series returns to follows life on board for the staff and passengers who live, work and play on the vessel as it navigates the Mediterranean.
The crew are winding up for a busy summer season and face new challenges including tension on the bridge as they sail into busy holiday destinations, and heat in the galley, where staff produce up to 20,000 high-quality meals a day.
In the first episode, bad weather threatens to stop the Royal Princess docking in port with huge knock-on effects across the ship. 
As staff welcome 4,000 new passengers in Athens, Timothy is under pressure to hit sales targets on the shore excursion desk and devises a creative way to up his numbers.
New hotel general manager Craig is only six weeks into the biggest job of his career and must find ways to motivate his staff who work long hours far from home. And four Norfolk women come aboard including cruise first-timer Maureen who’s hoping to find love on the ocean waves.
As the ship heads for Marseille, the bridge receives a worrying weather report of strong winds in the South of France and senior staff hold an emergency summit. If they can’t dock it’ll mean refunding all the excursions they’ve sold tickets for and feeding and entertaining thousands of disappointed passengers. They need a plan B – and fast.
As they approach the coast, the captain and his navigation team gather on the bridge, joined by the local pilot boat captain who knows the area well. But the swell is too strong and the risk is too great.
As captain Bob Oliver decides to abort mission, the rest of the ship must go into overdrive – chef David must cook 4000 extra meals from scratch and the entertainment team have to muster themselves to put on a host of extra activities.