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ELLIE GOULDING admits she has never seen Fifty Shades of Grey, despite being nominated for a Golden Globe for the movie’s soundtrack. She jokes about having a crush on Gordon Ramsay and also performs.
GORDON RAMSAY speaks about his wife, worst meal ever and Ironman challenges
STEVE CARELL talks about his Golden Globe nomination and roles in Foxcatcher and The Big Short
On the first episode of a brand new series of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by British singing talent, Ellie Goulding; celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay and Hollywood actor and funny man, Steve Carrell.
BRIT award winner, Ellie Goulding, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about Fifty Shades of Grey, her award nominations and performing at festivals.
Ellie is nominated for a Golden Globe for her song ‘Love Me Like You Do’ which featured in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. When Jonathan said he didn’t see the film, Ellie mouthed, “Nor did I,” and admitted that she didn’t see it either, “No, which is awful.”
Steve joked, “I lived it” and Gordon laughed, “Tana showed me it on her iPad, certain sequences… She said ‘Take your time.’”
On her nomination for Golden Globe, Ellie said: “Honestly I never in a million years thought I’d be nominated, it was a Golden Globe and two Grammys in the same week and that just all kind of hit me and it was in the craziest week of my life, I’d been everywhere and so I couldn’t really be really blown away. I was too tired to appreciate it, too much else going on but now I’m like, Oh my God it’s insane and amazing.”
On the prospect of giving an acceptance speech, Ellie admitted she was fearful and said she wasn’t a good public speaker: “No, I’m a terrible public speaker, I don’t understand it. You’d think because I perform, I’d be able to get something together but I’m rubbish… I just can’t do it, public speaking just really isn’t really my thing. I have a moment of genius when I say something I think ‘God how did I come up with that’ then I go back to realising what I’m actually doing and then just waffle and say the same things and I see people starting to judge me and be like ‘hurry up’, so not good.”
Speaking about the reaction to her, Ellie admitted, “It may just be one person but even if one person goes ‘ah she’s rubbish’ that will affect me for a long time.”
“Do you read things online though or have you managed to insulate yourself somewhat from that?” Jonathan asked, “Because that would be the sensible thing to do wouldn’t it?”
Ellie answered, “It would, which of course I don’t do. In the beginning, I did read stuff a lot and I think everyone does - you end up just getting a bit obsessed with it - and now I don’t read anything, I have no idea what’s being said about me.”
Speaking about Social Media, Gordon said he uses Twitter. “I’ve never sworn on Twitter ever and I love taking great pictures.” Ellie said, “I’ve tweeted you a few times, I shouldn’t really admit that but I have.”
When Jonathan joked that he had heard Ellie had a crush on Gordon, the singer cringed: “Yes ok fine, yeah” she admitted. “He takes care of himself, if I really think about it, it’s because he keeps fit and I love that. But I shouldn’t say this, it’s naughty, no!” she laughed.
Speaking about her song, ‘Army’ - which Ellie performed at the end of the show - she said it was written about her best friend: “She is here somewhere, she’s my best friend and she’s called Hannah and I realised that I just wrote songs about boys a lot and I got a bit bored of that and I wanted to write something about the one person that’s kept me sane and been there for me… We went to college together and I remember the first time we met, I thought she was way too cool for me and way too pretty to come and talk to me and I remember that moment she was like ‘Do you want to be mates?’ and I was like ‘Yeah alright’ and then that was that and I wrote this song… Everyone has unique friendships and you can have fall outs with your friends and then you can have that friend that is just there through the mentalness of what I do and the mentalness of what she does and so I wrote a song about it.”
On why she started singing and playing guitar, Ellie said: “My first song was crap actually, I’ve got a copy of it somewhere, it was actually [about] the same guy that kind of started me being interested in playing guitar because he played guitar really well and my Dad was a guitarist and I wanted to be cool and play guitar so I started playing because of this guy and I wrote a song about him and I’m really worried he knows who he is now. I kind of wanted to keep that secret. And so I wrote this song and it was terrible, [it was] really emo, gloomy, depressed, that was most of my teenage songs.”
Ellie also spoke about her performance at the American festival, Coachella, last year: “I was really sick,” she revealed, “I was at Coachella, I was poorly, I’d been in South America. I had some kind of virus for about three weeks, I lost a bunch of weight and I was really frail and I don’t know how I got through that… But it was two performances, one week and then you go back a week later. I was really holding it together on stage if you know what I mean,” she laughed.
“That withstanding, it still was a great performance and now I’m even more impressed!” Jonathan laughed.
Celebrity chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, spoke to Jonathan about his family, meal nightmares and Ironman challenges.
The renowned chef - who owns 32 restaurants worldwide - spoke about the worst meal he had ever had: “There was a particular dish last year in California. It was a Mac and Cheese and I started eating it and I said to the lady, ‘Is this made with condensed milk?’ she said, ‘No, breast milk.’ She was auditioning for Masterchef.” He continued, “I think you sort of obviously squeeze it the night before, set it in the fridge and even when she came to the audition, she brought a breast pump so we were wondering what that noise was, it was like pump pump pump.”
“I think she was going down the sort of healthy option… It’s very sweet and it’s like condensed milk mixed with cold scrambled eggs… that was the worst dish, trust me.”
Joking with the audience, Gordon said: “I’ve never been to Nando's,” when they jokingly booed, he laughed, “I’m sorry, but I’m going tonight! The kids go, I’ve heard good things about it, the kids go there and Wagamama but I’ve never been there, no.”
Speaking about turning 50 this year, Gordon said, “If there’s one birthday I don’t want to rush!” and then spoke about his passion for fitness. “I got really fit, I decided about five years ago when we took charge of the company and things were just manic that I just wanted to get myself fit. Having that healthy mind going into work every day just made everything so much easier and also I think the busier I got, the less time I had to myself.” On the reasons why he kept fit, Gordon said: “Just to set an example to the kids and to keep Tana [his wife] interested.”
Gordon was forced to withdraw from the Ironman challenge in Kona, Hawaii last year. Although he had completed it once before, he wanted to attempt it again to improve his time.
Speaking about the experience, Gordon said: “I just wanted to go and prove the time and run for another charity. I took on too much water in the swim, it was just very choppy, it was a sea swim… I started the swim took on a little bit too much salt water, got on the bike, couldn’t hold any nutrition down, 180k on the bike and then struggled. I thought I’d pull it back on the run but two miles into the run, bent down and sort of went to touch my toes and the next minute, I wake up in the back of an ambulance, I’d passed out. I’ve never ever done that before.”
Saying it had not put him off trying again, Gordon said: “The conditions were tough and everybody said that, however, it was just an amazing thing to attempt to do again and now I want to go back.”
Golden Globe nominated actor, Steve Carell, joined the sofa and spoke about his wife, award nominations and recent roles.
Steve - who has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his new film, The Big Short - spoke about how he reacts to award nominations.
“I would like to pretend to be cool enough to not pay attention but I pay attention. When I was nominated for an Oscar, I was up at five in the morning with a cup of coffee sitting at the television set and I didn’t wake up my wife, I didn’t want to disturb her but unbeknownst to me she was upstairs in the bedroom watching at the same time and when my name was announced we ran - she ran to the steps and I ran up and we were bouncing up and down like five o’clock in the morning trying not to wake up our kids, really, really exciting. It was fun!”
Speaking about his nomination for Foxcatcher - where he played wrestling enthusiast, John Eleuthere du Pont - he said: “It was quite an honour.”
He continued, “I was very lucky to be offered a part like that. I didn’t think I would be on the shortlist for a part like that, that is not something that I was throwing my hat in the ring for. I didn’t see myself playing a part like that but the director did.”
On preparing for the role, Steve talked about getting into character. “Once I got to set there was sort of an unspoken rule that [co-stars] Channing [Tatum] and Mark Ruffalo and I really didn’t talk to each other. We never discussed not talking to each other but I think that I was so off-putting in my look and demeanour they just stayed away from me.”
Steve had to put on weight for his new role as a money manager (who was based on American, Steve Eisman) in The Big Short. He said: “I put on 25 pounds to play the role. The director asked me to do it… I ate a lot of deep-dish pizza… It became my best friend, you could just suck on a frozen piece of pizza and gain the calories that way, it was a horrifyingly wonderful experience. I actually loved it!”
“I showed up on set the first day and it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a compliment off someone saying ‘wow you’re so fat, good for you!’ I was happy but at the same time, ‘what?’ It’s an odd compliment to receive, ‘you look horrible!’” he laughed.
“I didn’t enjoy the upholstered feeling so much, I enjoyed the trip to the upholstery shop but no, to walk around like that when you’re used to being a certain weight and then you’re a different weight for a few months it really, well it also informed the character too because he’s a very irascible guy… It was all bad, I wouldn’t recommend it.”
Speaking about his wife, who he met through an improv group, Steve said: “I saw her in class and I just thought ‘wow she’s just a knock out, she’s so smart’ and well, love at first sight really. No it really was, we celebrated 20 years [together] in August.”
Gordon also spoke about his wife, Tana: “Tana was dating a friend of mine [when I first met her] and we celebrate 20 years this year. It was love at first sight yeah, but I couldn’t go there because of my mate, so she came to me. I had to wait two years.”
He continued: “Tana at the time was only 17 as well so I thought it was out so I had to wait at least [until she was] 19, 20… I went back to Paris, finished my training then I came back, opened my first restaurant and I suppose having the first chance to cook for her properly really set it up but she came with her boyfriend,” he laughed.
Speaking about his dating history, Steve joked: “I was so lame! When I first started talking to Nancy, I’d go across the street and she worked at the bar across the street from Second City and I used to go over and order a Diet Coke and hang out at the bar and talk to her and for months we talked at each other like ‘Hey if I ever asked someone out it would be someone like you’ and she’d say ‘Boy if someone like you ever asked me out, I’d go on a date with that someone.’ Weeks turned into months and we didn’t do anything until finally one of us kind of blinked and we ended up going out, she blinked first… it was like nerd patrol!”