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The Kyle Files

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    Thu 08 Jan 2015
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    Week 02 2015 : Sat 03 Jan - Fri 09 Jan
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The Kyle Files
In this brand new series for ITV, Jeremy Kyle investigates high-profile issues that impact on people’s lives across Britain today, from legal highs to knife crime, and from underage drinking to plastic surgery.
Each week, Jeremy and the production team tackle each issue head on - attending police raids, accompanying paramedics at the scene of emergencies, hearing from experts, gathering incriminating evidence through a variety of methods including undercover filming, and confronting wrong-doers.
He also meets people whose lives have been deeply affected by each issue, to hear their stories first hand.
The subjects he investigates include (order of programmes may change):
Legal highs: Figures show deaths from legal substances which mimic the effect of illegal drugs have doubled in the past four years. Jeremy speaks to a teenager who had a near-fatal heart attack after taking a legal high and finds out how some high street stores sell potentially dangerous drugs over the counter.
Knife crime: Jeremy speaks to young victims’ families left to deal with the devastating consequences, meets gang members, and exposes how easy it is for teenagers to buy lethal weapons on the Internet.
Young drinkers: Lurid headlines about youngsters drinking to excess have led to a perception that young British people have a problem with alcohol. Jeremy speaks to police and ambulance services who clear up afterwards, visits party mecca Magaluf, and back in the UK uses undercover reporters to find out how straightforward it is to get served underage.
Conned and ripped off: There are a variety of questionable methods used to get people to part with their hard-earned cash. Jeremy follows bailiffs on raids, interviews victims scammed out of thousands of pounds, and confronts the con artists who rip off unsuspecting members of the public.
Beauty or poison? Business is booming for the cosmetic surgery industry - but concerns have been raised about a lack of regulation. Jeremy speaks to women who are obsessed with beauty procedures, as well as those who have been permanently disfigured by them, about the risks they are running - and he tries two procedures investigated in the programme.
Dangerous and fake goods: People don't always realise that they are buying counterfeit goods - potentially putting their lives at risk. Jeremy investigates the scale of the business by visiting a trading standards warehouse, speaking to victims, going online to see how easy it is to buy fake medicine, and confronting rogue traders on their doorsteps.