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The Magaluf Weekender

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    1 of 6

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    Sun 06 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 2 2013 : Sat 05 Jan - Fri 11 Jan
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"I think both of us kind of thought this could be a ‘friends with benefits’ thing. Then because we built up a friendship together it went away from that and straight to mates. We joke around saying ‘if we don’t pull tonight we’ll go with each other’ but I don’t think we really would. It’s so complicated isn’t it? This is what Magaluf is like. It’s crazy!” 
Imogen, Holiday Rep 
The Magaluf Weekender is a unique new six-part documentary series following goings-on at the infamous holiday resort of Magaluf in Mallorca. Each week we will follow two different groups of 18-24 year-olds as they head out to the resort to party away a long weekend of their lives. 
For some, it is their first holiday without their parents, as they check-in to the Lively hotel with their friends for three days they will never forget. Mainly thanks to the fixed rig cameras throughout the hotel filming their every move. On hand to ensure the guests have the trip of a lifetime are our four characterful holiday reps – Jamie-Leigh, Imogen, Brett and Jordan. 
With cameras filming throughout the hotel from reception to the bar, pool and bedrooms of holiday-makers, everything that happens on the trip can be recorded to capture the ultimate truth, good or bad, about what happens when you fill a hotel in a Spanish resort with young Brits determined to have a good time. 
In episode one, checking-in to the Lively hotel are 18-year-old childhood friends Emily, Scott and Fran from Manchester. As well as being best mates there is an added complication as Fran and Scott used to date, yet when Scott recently came out Fran was there to support him. 
Head rep Brett takes an instant liking to Scott and flirts shamelessly on arrival before later enlisting fellow reps Jordan and Imogen to make enquiries on his behalf about Scott’s availability for some holiday romance. But he is left feeling deflated when it becomes clear Scott is playing the long game. Brett confides to Imogen: “If they’re a good looking guy, you have to chase them because they want the attention, and I want it the other way round…it’s almost like teasing.” 
Joining them on their Magaluf Weekender are three 19-year-old lads from Farnborough - Joe, Adam and Dec, who are mates from college. Joe and Adam are both in Magaluf looking for ladies and the battle lines are drawn when it comes to pulling, as Adam explains: “If I pull on the first night and Joe doesn’t then I’m going to have to rip into him for the whole holiday.” Last year Adam was diagnosed with testicular cancer and after months of treatment he’s been given the all clear, so this trip is a chance to put it behind him. 
The reps help the balcony buddies get to know each other with some drinking games and fellow reps Imogen and Jordan are clearly getting close themselves. Jordan admits they have previously had a one-night-stand: “It did happen but we are still best mates, which is good. We’d say it’s a mistake but we don’t regret it.” However, during a later game with the guests Jordan suggests that he regrets their fling, leaving Imogen hurt. She is quick to get revenge during the evening’s bar crawl and sets her sights on Joe instead. How will Jordan react? 
Also this week, Jordan plans a trip for the holidaymakers on a boat but it backfires when the X-rated games of fellow partygoers leave the guests speechless. Emily feels bad after snogging Adam with her boyfriend waiting at home and Declan fears his girlfriend might dump him after getting a lap dance on the Magaluf strip.