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    Tue 14 May 2019
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    Week 20 2019 : Sat 11 May - Fri 17 May
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On Assignment
ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series On Assignment returns with more revealing stories from around the world, fronted by Rageh Omaar. 
This time James Mates profiles Viktor Orbán’s right wing populist government in Hungary ahead of the 2019 European elections. John Irvine visits Egypt’s latest mega-project, Sisi’s £35 billion new capital city 30 miles east of ancient Cairo, the first phase of which is set to open this year but for now is still under construction. And Nina Nannar speaks to the female stars of the stunt industry - as their roles and numbers increase. But with new threats of technology, robots and CGI - what does the future these women have fought so hard for look like? 
Hungary – James Mates
Viktor Orbán’s reign in Hungary is dividing Europe - and critics argue it continues to weaken his country’s already fragile democracy. The government has been praised by some as a template for other right-wing leaning countries including Poland. Migration is a big issue, and Orbán has successfully passed a law that makes it a criminal offence with a potential sentence of up to a year in jail to assist asylum seekers in filing an application. The majority of Hungarian media is now owned and dominated by people with personal connections to Orbán or his party. Orbán says: “Africa wants to kick down our door, and Brussels is not defending us.” James Mates profiles a leader who portrayed the 2019 European parliamentary vote as decisive for the future of Europe.
Egypt – John Irvine
Egypt is best known as the birthplace of civilisation and home to the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, the Pyramids of Giza. But the country’s latest ‘mega project’ could be the largest yet, with £35 billion and rising being spent relocating its capital 30 miles east of ancient Cairo. The new capital promises a utopia - green spaces, mega malls, shiny and sleek housing - everything Cairo is not. But it comes at a price, because most Egyptians won’t be able to afford even the cheapest new housing, leading critics to argue that it is a city for the rich. Opponents say Cairo could be left forgotten and abandoned as President El-Sisi moves his entire government to the new capital rising out of the desert.  
USA – Nina Nannar
You may not know their names or their faces, but if you watch TV, go to the movies, or play video games, you know their work. A small number of stunt women have been making on-screen magic happen for decades, and they’ve been doing almost all of it under the radar. Nina Nannar speaks to those in Hollywood who say there should be more recognition of their talents. Becoming a stuntwoman is especially challenging in an industry where men sometimes play female characters. But more female performers are now breaking through. In terms of gender balance, the industry seems to be on the verge of major change, but with new threats of technology, robots and CGI, what does the future these women have fought so hard for look like?